December 1, 2009


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My dear Brothers and Sisters:

Today, December 1st 2009 is my birthday.   Over the last year I have completed my book:  “My Story” – Reminiscences during my life beginning 1914, and published it on this Weblog.   We also celebrated the second anniversary of the Weblog on October 21, 2009.  This Weblog has connected with old friends, former students and made me new friends as they discover its contents and communicate with me.  I truly look forward to your e-mails and kind words of encouragement, as they give me the energy and will power to carry on.

In August, I was also awarded the “Graypow Award” as the oldest blogger on the Internet and for “an outstanding website, which inspires everyone, and especially senior citizens, to be active and embrace continuous learning”.   In October, an award was presented by the Indian High Commissioner to me,  on behalf of the Guyana Hindi Prachar Sabha for my work in helping them in the propagation of Hindi in Guyana, for doing all the Hindi correspondences, and for editing  Gyanda, their monthly journal.

On this my birthday I must say: Providence has permitted me to remain on this beautiful planet Earth for ninety-seven years and has provided the means for my sustenance, has preserved me from many dangers, but most of all has afforded me good companions, friends and mentors who have helped to shape me into the being who I now am. It is unfortunate that it is only now I am able to see clearly how much each of these good people has contributed to whatever I have accomplished and what I have taken for granted.  I never thanked them the way I should.  It would have meant so much happiness to them.

During my lifetime, I have learnt that it is better to make friends than enemies; and though we may need an enemy to test our patience, our tolerance, our courage and forbearance, we must consider him a friend. Our tolerance and other virtues will eventually wear him down and make him a friend. I have also learnt that the negative emotions of anger, hatred, malice, greed and revenge come from the ego, from pride that does not want to see others better than ourselves.

I have been able to work on my anger and to succeed; I hate no one and I would like to see the world a better place where all men live like the brothers they really are and, instead of building weapons to kill and to maim one another, will instead, “beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks

The world has enough, even in these conditions where the environment is diminishing to provide for the basic needs of everyone; but greed will not allow that.  Wealth that is not shared is wasted.  Baba says that if a manure heap is not scattered in the fields to fertilise it, it is of no use.

Finally I would say; cultivate Love, for Love will keep you from fear.  Unconditional Love makes everyone your friend and whatever the circumstances, you will be at Peace.

—  Randall Butisingh


October 2, 2009

Time is marching on

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Time is marching on.   Our stay on earth is short, a wink in the context of eternity.   Soon we will have to leave this body and everything we have.   We came with nothing and we will leave with nothing.   The dust we came from, to that we shall return, prince and pauper alike, the same, none greater, none lesser.

Then why do we keep on fighting one another when the injunction from our Master is to love one another.  Why do we spend our God given energy and and resources to destroy rather than to build;  to make friends rather than to make enemies.

Get wise, O man, the apex of God’s creation, with mind and intellect and the ability to discriminate, and learn from the ants and bees.   They work each, not for itself, but for the community.    All Mankind is one.   There is only one race, the Human Race.   We are all interconnected, interrelated and interdependent.  Then why continue the carnage.  It is time for us to stop building weapons of destruction and build tools for construction.   It is time to join hands in a chain of brotherhood and let peace and harmony prevail in all the world.   There will never be peace until you realise that your enemy is your own dear self with the identical Divine spark within him.

We are our brother’s keeper.    His needs are our needs.   When we help him, we help our own dear selves.   There will always be the needy, the underprivileged, the homeless, the orphans.  It is the duty of those who are given the bounty of Providence in trust, to give help and not to hoard His resources.   Hoarding is like heaping up compost and not scattering it to fertilise the fields.  It is not right.    The Mahatma said that he who has much of this world’s goods and sees his brother in want and does not help him is a thief.   God loves a cheerful giver.   The Cup of Love never runs dry.   Giving in love will never diminish you.   It will enhance you, and when your frail mortal body lies in the dust,  that which is essentially you, will remain to give account of its stewardship.

Randall Butisingh

June 1, 2009

Being Old!.. Its all Attitude!

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An older couple walked into the lobby of the Mayo Clinic Atrium and spotted a piano. They started to play an impromptu duet  .. listen by pressing link below.!

They’ve been married for 62 years and he’ll be 90 this year.  It’s all attitude!  Enjoy!!

Link: Impromptu Piano Duet by an older couple – having fun

January 6, 2009

happy birthday from grandpa, 30th August, 1993.

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My dear K,

Happy Birthday!  I hope you are well and have settled in at campus.  Yesterday you were eighteen, the fine line between adolescence and adulthoood..  At this time of your life, you have taken a significant step in the pursuit of a career by entering college, an institution of higher learning.  You have been able to make this advancement through your diligence in studies, the motivation of your teachers, and through the interest and guidance of very good parents.

I am happy to be a part of the family, your grandfather, who at eighty, is your oldest living close relation..  When I first saw you as a child, you were four then, and I advanced in age.  I never thought that I could see you grown to young adulthood and launching out in the field of higher education, choosing a well respected and noble profession.  I am proud of you and happy.  I also pray that I may live to see you achieving more and more until you reach the goal you have set yourself.

It behooves you now, my son, to press forward, remembering that nothing worthwhile is got without hard work.  You must not be daunted by the magnitude of the task when you have, along with your ability, the interest, the enthusiasm and the will to motivate you.

I am happy you have a room mate approved by your mother who is a good judge of human character.  Good companionship and friendship mean so much in life.  They are means through which one can share one’s thoughts and aspirations, and by which one can give and receive encouragement.   They can play the role of substitutes for the loved ones you will miss when you ar far away from home.

It is likely that you may get homesick after a while.  I experienced what it was when I went to teach in a village away from home.  You may also miss your friends, but time, absorption in your studies and the cultivation of new friendsips and interests will mitigate the feeling you get from separation.  You will also have the opportunity of communicating with your parents by telephone, but you must write them now and again so as to give them further information of your progress and your extra curricular activities.

I can go on writing but I must close here.  I want you to know however, that wherever I may be, I have your interest at heart and will follow your progress and keep in touch with you..  So, until you hear from me again.  enjoy your studies and good associations, and remember me as always,

                Your dear grandpa.

P.S. You must have heard that your dad scored an “A” for his work during his last semester.  He was able to accomplish this in spite of his onerous duties.  What an example for anyone to emulate!   Keep up your physical exercises; good health will help you to study better.

November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008 – Olga Lopes-Seale

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Happy Thanksgiving 2008 – Dame Olga Lopes-Seale

Nostalgia 437- Thanksgiving for Dame Olga Lopes-Seale. DA, GCM, MBE, BBS.

‘Tis better to give than to receive’ – and as the USA celebrates Thanksgiving 2008 – let’s pause  to ‘give thanks to Dame Olga Lopes-Seale, who celebrates her 90th Birthday Thurs Dec 26.

Being born on Boxing Day 1918 – must be significant to her Charity Crusade in that during medieval times in England, this was the day the English Churches opened their Charity Boxes and distributed ‘food and succor’ to the poor.

Olga, appointed a full time Broadcaster at Radio Demerara in 1953 encouraged listeners that year on the airwaves to contribute pieces of clothing so that a dozen children could attend a Christmas Concert. The response was so overwhelming that the Radio Demerara Needy Children Fund was started the next year- catering to 500 children, and by 1963 when she migrated to Barbados – she was Auntie Olga to 1500 under privileged kids – supplying clothing – toys and a

Grand Christmas Party.

In Barbados she continues this outreach and this year 2008 – her Annual Charity Drive would cover a span of 55 years – having helped (I estimate) – over 45000 under privileged kids during her ‘Mother Theresa Lifetime Crusade. In Barbados – she also takes 150 children each year on a ‘cruise,’ in addition to her other social outreaches.

Known fondly as the ‘Vera Lynn of the Caribbean’ – a songbird since 1943 from her Berbice Calling Program and frequent tours in the Caribbean, her motto and credo has always been

“If I can help somebody, as I pass along,
If I can cheer somebody, with a word or song
If I can show somebody, who is travelling wrong
Then my living shall not be in vain”

Boxing Day Dec 2008 – The Guyana Association of Barbados (GABI), and Friends were planning a Gala Birthday Party, but it is now likely that this may now be cancelled.

Update on Aunty Olga -Nov 2008

Aunty Olga had surgery on her left knee on Monday Nov. 24th. Spoke with her daughter Marcia yesterday morning and was told that Olga is doing well after the surgery, although she looks frail, the barometer is that her “ mouth is still strong”.

“In consultation with some medical personnel, we have been told that the minimum time for recuperation after such surgery is four weeks.  When Olga’s age is taken into consideration this time may be longer.  We have therefore reluctantly taken the decision to postpone our plans for a birthday bash. Instead we plan approaching the local media to suggest that they publish a supplement in honor of Olga’s 90th birthday on Boxing Day”……. Elsie Yong, Barbados

In true Thanksgiving and Christmas Spirit – I now invite all reading this – her ‘Nephews Nieces’ who over these 55 years have been ‘touched by this angel’ to send her

(a) Send an email “Get well Soon/ Birthday Greetings which will be delivered to her by …or

(b) Post a Birthday Card (snail mail) or Note of Appreciation to her residence – STANMORE CRESCENT, BLACK ROCK, ST MICHAEL, Barbados. West Indies. You may mention some snippet of your experience with her crusade over the years – Thank You.

I was planning to be a Surprise Guest at her Birthday Party Dec 26th – but will now send her ‘A BIRTHDAY GIFT’ on behalf of ‘all her nephews & neices.’ My first volunteer promotion effort for the Needy Children Fund was a Dance 1955 at BGCC – Texacans & Chance Reliance playing – and $328 was raised. Olga then appointed me her Stage Manager/ Deck Captain for her Charity events – introduced me to Radio – and is responsible for setting me on the course as a Producer/Promoter – Creative Director these last 53 years. Ya think it easy!

Aunty Olga .. “We love you and wish you Speedy Recovery and a Happy 90th. May all the Joys – Love – Comfort – and Happiness – you have shared over the years, be yours today. God Bless………Godfrey on behalf of all your adopted ‘Neices and Nephews.

For my Nostalgia on Olga Lopes Seale – refer Godfrey’s NOSTALGIA – de book Golden Memories of Guyana 1940 to 1980. Contact Godrey Chin at his website at: