August 22, 2010

Guyanese Online Newsletters

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Guyanese Online Newsletters

Guyanese Online Newsletters

The first monthly Guyanese Online Newsletter was published in March 2010.

The newsletters and this Blog are the creation of Cyril Bryan, as his contribution to the Guyana Diaspora who want to be informed about news from Guyana, as well as the historical and cultural articles that keep us all connected to the “Guyanese cultural experience”.

These newsletters are filled with news from Guyana as well as news from Guyanese Associations worldwide.  there are also articles in the Arts and Culture category, history, education, tourism and cuisine.  Most issues have a theme and you should find them very interesting.  Enjoy!!

Here are the Newsletters published by Guyanese Online:

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I hope that you enjoy reading these newsletters

Cyril Bryan. Editor and Publisher.


July 13, 2010

Guyanese Online Newsletter – July 2010

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Above: Masthead for July 2010 Newsletter featuring the Last Lap Lime

Guyanese Online Newsletter – July

Guyanese Online -July-2010- < Click here to download

The  colourful July 2010 Newsletter has been published.

It features the Toronto Last lap Lime and Caribana, and is packed with news from various Associations …  Please Check it out!.

Please note:  The Official Scotiabank Caribana™ Festival website link is at:

I do hope that you enjoy the issue and its contents.

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Cyril Bryan.  Editor/ Publisher