December 1, 2011

Happy 99th Birthday – December 1, 2011

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Happy 99th Birthday – December 1, 2011

Message from Cyril Bryan: Guest Contributor and friend.

Randall Butisingh (Teacher Randall), celebrated his 99 th birthday on December 1, 2011

For the last year he has not been blogging as he wanted time for other interests and to rest his eyes as well.  Recently, Teacher Randall has not been very well, but is feeling much better now.

This blog has over 650 posts and still gets over 4,000 hits per month, although no new posts were made since June 2010.

I spoke with him today on his 99th birthday (December 1, 2011).  He is not as vibrant as he used to be, but he is coherent and thankful for all your comments and best wishes.

You could make your comments here as he no longer reads or answers his e-mails. I will monitor and post the comments on his behalf.  

Thank you for your interest in his Blog.

Cyril Bryan, Guest Contributor and friend



  1. Naraine Datt said,

    One of the oldest Bloggers with an iron will
    At this wise old age he showed he cares still
    When he was young he took no one’s eyepass
    And went through his life with dignity and class
    He is of a dying breed such good men we’ll never see
    Dedicated to his vocation as a teacher and his family
    I wish you many more years to come dear Mr Randall
    I’m gald you knew my grand-father Bindraban, my pal
    Let the Birthday bells chime and ring
    The 99th time for Mr. Randall Butisingh

  2. Astra Bisram said,

    Dear Uncle Randall,

    I am happy that you can live to see yet another birthday and be able to impart your great knowledge to the world, especially to the new generation who knows very little or nothing of their ancestors and how they lived. I should have capitalized on my mother’s (your sister’s) knowledge of her past while she was alive, God rest her Soul in Peace. When she tried to talk of her past, she sometimes cried and I could not stand her being sad. I loved her too much, so I did not encourage it too much. But I will not let the opportunity of asking you all about my grandmother and grandfather go to waste. When they got married and where? What “trials” your mother faced before she married your father? Are there any records I can check to get information on them in Guyana? Please help me. I would love to know if you ever traced your family back to India?

    Your Neice Astra

  3. Mora and Virendra Singh said,

    To Randall Butisingh,

    We wish you Health, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity in 2012.

    We are in Caracas and look forward to see you soon.

    From Mora and Virendra

  4. cassidy said,

    R.I.P grandpa i love you with all my heart and always happy you lived to see 100 proud.i cried my heart out are such a smart,amazing,and joyful man.once again i love you.</3 R.I.P.

    Love Cassidy,your grandaughter

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Hello Cassidy:
      I heard today of the passing of Teacher Randall.
      Our Condolences to you and the amny other members of his family.
      May his soul Rest In Peace!

      Please see the short entry in the Blog informing followers of his passing on December 9, 2012…. after attaining his 100th birthday.

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