December 11, 2012

“Teacher Randall” Butisingh passes at 100

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“Teacher Randall Butisingh passes at 100

Editor’s Note from Cyril Bryan: 

Update on December 10, 2012.

Teacher Randall 100 years old,  passed on to the great beyond on December 9, 2012.  May his soul Rest In Peace.

“Teacher Randall attained his 100th birthday on December 1, 2012.  There was a wonderful party for the occasion held at the Nursing Home in Florida, where he resided. He had always looked forward to his 100th Birthday and he attained that goal, like the many other goals he acheived over his long life.

We all extend our condolences to his family.

Cyril Bryan.

Friend and assistant with his Blog… his greatest achievement!



  1. Heaven Leigh said,

    Prayers and love to Teacher Randall’s family. Congratulations for achieving his many fine goals in life! Many blessings – many wonderful memories to comfort those who knew and loved him. ~h~

  2. Elizabeth said,

    I consider myself blessed to have come across Randall’s blog. My condolences to his family. My you find comfort in his life’s history that he carefully documented.

  3. Prea said,

    I feel privileged to have attended Mr. Butisingh’s 100 Birthday and was amazed to note how sharp his intellect was. He was able to thank everyone for coming and acknowledged how happy he was to be among family and friends celebrating this milestone. I will miss his towering presence.

  4. Nalini Mohabir said,

    To the family of Teacher Butisingh,

    Guyana, and especially Buxton, has lost a grand and eloquent voice. I was privileged to come into contact with Teacher Butisingh through his blog, during the course of my doctoral research. He wrote to me (by mail and email), sent me photos and newspaper clippings, and encouraged me in my quest to tell the histories of our peoples. The fact that he devoted his life to education (during difficult and strained times in Guyana, and up until the very end) speaks volumes to his spirit. He knew so much, and I feel a great loss at his passing. I regret not having the opportunity to meet him in person.


  5. Lachmin Kumkaran said,

    It was a blessing to me for him to be my teacher. At Lusignan. Anglican. School. He was an amazing and wonderful teacher. May His soul rest in Peace. -Lachmin Kumkaran/Seoparsan.

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