Our First Weblog Anniversary – October 21,2008

A MESSAGE by Randall Butisingh
Today, October 21, 2008 is the First Anniversary of our Weblog. This project was not conceived by me. I never dreamed of it, but it was the vision of Cyril Bryan, one whom I have not seen for over forty years. Thanks for cyberspace, he was reintroduced to me by my good friend Eusi Kwayana, educator, writer and politician who served as minister in the short-lived PPP government of 1953, and the P.N.C. Government in the sixties, in Guyana, but is now domiciled in the U.S.A.
Cyril Bryan is that magnanimous person. He is the eldest son of the late George Bryan (1911-2004), school master, and one of the most qualified, intellectual and erudite pedagogues of his time. I had the privilege of serving with George Bryan as senior assistant at the Lusignan Government School in Guyana. It was there in the late 1950’s that I met young Cyril, a pupil teacher.

After his reintroduction to me, I sent him a package with some of my writings. This may have awakened his interest as it was evident that there was an affinity of ideas between us. So, after about a year of our meeting the SURPRISE came. He set up a Weblog for me without first acquainting me and posted one of my poems – FRIENDSHIP. He also requested my Biography which I mailed to him within a short time. From then on began the daily postings; I typed the messages and he, the posting. To date, there are 380 postings under 19 categories of messages including education, poetry, economics, politics, philosophy and the environment which have attracted to date over 25,500 views from every continent.

I am happy to say that my messages, and also that of the best I have selected from other sources have impacted well on our viewers, judging from the warm and favourable responses we have regularly received and the comments got on Google.

This achievement could not have been possible without the commitment of Cyril and the help of my granddaughter-in-law Vanessa, as my knowledge of computers was only basic. But thanks to them, I have now learnt to do my own postings which were formerly done by Cyril who still helps me with some of the technicalities, and sometimes stand in for me when I am out.

During my preoccupation with the Weblog, I had to go poco a poco with my Spanish. However I have been able to memorise the Padre nuestro (Our Father) and portions of the 23rd Psalm. I have also been able to keep up with my other activities such as the eastern languages and music.

In closing I wish to thank every one who has been able to make this Weblog the success that it is, and if it has in any way touched the heart of any, we will know that we have not blogged in vain. Remember always, it is never too late to learn, that the soul never grows old, and that every new day you are given a clean slate to write on, the past is a dream, it does not exist, do your best today. Live it as if was your last, and work as if you will live forever; Tomorrow will also be a beautiful today.

COMMENT from Cyril Bryan:
It is with great humility that I accept the thanks of “Teacher Randall”, for the help I have given him to achieve his dreams of influencing others with his positive and creative capabilities. He is almost 96 years old and he is still contributing daily to mankind’s development. He is an inspiration for me as I would like to be like him at his age, if I am able to live that long.
As he noted above, I was very impressed by his poems and writings, but more so by his drive to be always learning and creating. He last saw me in the late 1950’s when I was a teenager, now I am in my sixties and he is almost 96….. Time flies!!! When he wrote me an e-mail last October saying he was soon to be 95 on December 1, and in the Autumn of his years, I had a sense that he was getting bored, I decided to add a spark to his life by introducing the idea of a Weblog where he could put all of his poems, writings and interesting articles into for all to see. His commitment was overwhelming and it has ensured that the Weblog has averaged over one entry per day for the last year.
Mr. Butisingh has become an inspiration to me and many others around the world, with his poetry, philosophy, and especially his ideas of continuous learning and being creative no matter what age you are. This Weblog has reconnected him to many of his students and friends of the past who were “lost” until they found him on the net. He has also met many new friends from around the world and his daily life is now busier than ever … just the way he likes it.

Mr. Butisingh is now writing his “Reminiscences”, a collection of chapters in an on-line book he will soon be publishing that reflects his life. We all look forward to the interesting stories from a man who lived before electricity, cars, airplanes, radio, TV and computers and who now fully embraces them all in the content of his Weblog. I know that we all wish him the best of health and strength to complete this and many other projects in the future.

We do know that his ideas and words of wisdom will forever be in cyberspace for all to read and be influenced. I am glad that I am able to help him to achieve his goals and actualize his dreams.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the Randall Butisingh Weblog!

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