April 3, 2011

Update – Randall Butisingh Blog

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UPDATE: Randall Butisingh’s Blog

Mr Randall Butisingh is no longer publishing new posts on this blog or replying to his many e-mails, as he has done in the past.

He is now in his 99th year and has told me that he had to stop his work on the computer due to his failing eyesight  and of course his reduced energy level.

This blog was created on October 21, 2007  and has over 650 entries on a wide range of subjects.  Although Mr. Butisingh no longer inserts new items, it still receives almost 5,000 hits per month as readers log in to read his items, especially the entries on his philosophy, poetry and life story.

As a Guest Contributor and technical advisor I check the status of this Blog to see if there are requests that need attention.  I am, however, not able to guarantee that Mr. Butisingh would be able to respond due to his health. 

I will inform you accordingly if there is any further news from him.  In the meanime enjoy his many entries… just do a search and read on!

Kindest regards,

Cyril Bryan.  Guest Contributor and friend.



  1. Hazel Russell said,

    Dear Mr. Byan

    Just wanted to say hello to an old friend.

    (brev’s sister)

  2. Sadhoo Nehaul said,

    An old friend – Sadhoo Nahaul-would appreciate a tel number where Teacher Butisingh could be reached

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Sadhoo Nehaul
      I have informed his daughter re your request

      Cyril Bryan

  3. sonia siju said,

    Such a loss i couldnot find this blog earlier. How is he now?
    My grandmother turned 101 on April 2011.(In India)
    Wishing him good health.

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Mr. Butisingh is doing well but his eyesight is not as good as it was.
      Thanks for asking

      Cyril Bryan for RandallButisingh

  4. Nan (aka roswellborn) said,

    I understand that Mr Butisingh is no longer adding to his blog, but I would like to pass on my thanks for the legacy he has given us so freely. I hope these sentiments will be passed on to him eventually.

    I came across it through a search for Dr Helen Burleson, and found this blog. Serendipity!

    All the best to Mr Butisingh, and many thanks,

    Nan C

  5. cmrao said,

    Is there no way his eye-sight can be improved?

  6. G J Galik said,

    I would like to send my best wishes, love and thanks to Mr Butisingh. His website helped our family reconnect to family roots in BG (A O Haly family and my Mother Sybil Haly) a few years ago. The blog has been a portal into my Mothers past and her life there. I am sure this blogsite will continue to help others with a BG Heritage as well. Salutations and live long Sir!
    G J Galik
    Anchorage, AK

    • randallbutisingh said,

      From Cyril Bryan:
      I am a friend of Randall Butisingh
      I monitor his blog comments on this blog.
      I noticed that you are interested in the Haly family tree. I know of a Dorothy Haly who is related to that family, She is sometimes called “Dolly” by close friends. She is married with two sons, and lives in the UK.
      I could find out more and forward you her e-mail address etc, if you are interested.
      Please reply to my personal address cybryan@gmail.com

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