January 6, 2009

happy birthday from grandpa, 30th August, 1993.

Posted in Education, Friendship, Years, Youth at 11:17 pm by randallbutisingh

My dear K,

Happy Birthday!  I hope you are well and have settled in at campus.  Yesterday you were eighteen, the fine line between adolescence and adulthoood..  At this time of your life, you have taken a significant step in the pursuit of a career by entering college, an institution of higher learning.  You have been able to make this advancement through your diligence in studies, the motivation of your teachers, and through the interest and guidance of very good parents.

I am happy to be a part of the family, your grandfather, who at eighty, is your oldest living close relation..  When I first saw you as a child, you were four then, and I advanced in age.  I never thought that I could see you grown to young adulthood and launching out in the field of higher education, choosing a well respected and noble profession.  I am proud of you and happy.  I also pray that I may live to see you achieving more and more until you reach the goal you have set yourself.

It behooves you now, my son, to press forward, remembering that nothing worthwhile is got without hard work.  You must not be daunted by the magnitude of the task when you have, along with your ability, the interest, the enthusiasm and the will to motivate you.

I am happy you have a room mate approved by your mother who is a good judge of human character.  Good companionship and friendship mean so much in life.  They are means through which one can share one’s thoughts and aspirations, and by which one can give and receive encouragement.   They can play the role of substitutes for the loved ones you will miss when you ar far away from home.

It is likely that you may get homesick after a while.  I experienced what it was when I went to teach in a village away from home.  You may also miss your friends, but time, absorption in your studies and the cultivation of new friendsips and interests will mitigate the feeling you get from separation.  You will also have the opportunity of communicating with your parents by telephone, but you must write them now and again so as to give them further information of your progress and your extra curricular activities.

I can go on writing but I must close here.  I want you to know however, that wherever I may be, I have your interest at heart and will follow your progress and keep in touch with you..  So, until you hear from me again.  enjoy your studies and good associations, and remember me as always,

                Your dear grandpa.

P.S. You must have heard that your dad scored an “A” for his work during his last semester.  He was able to accomplish this in spite of his onerous duties.  What an example for anyone to emulate!   Keep up your physical exercises; good health will help you to study better.


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