October 2, 2009

Time is marching on

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Time is marching on.   Our stay on earth is short, a wink in the context of eternity.   Soon we will have to leave this body and everything we have.   We came with nothing and we will leave with nothing.   The dust we came from, to that we shall return, prince and pauper alike, the same, none greater, none lesser.

Then why do we keep on fighting one another when the injunction from our Master is to love one another.  Why do we spend our God given energy and and resources to destroy rather than to build;  to make friends rather than to make enemies.

Get wise, O man, the apex of God’s creation, with mind and intellect and the ability to discriminate, and learn from the ants and bees.   They work each, not for itself, but for the community.    All Mankind is one.   There is only one race, the Human Race.   We are all interconnected, interrelated and interdependent.  Then why continue the carnage.  It is time for us to stop building weapons of destruction and build tools for construction.   It is time to join hands in a chain of brotherhood and let peace and harmony prevail in all the world.   There will never be peace until you realise that your enemy is your own dear self with the identical Divine spark within him.

We are our brother’s keeper.    His needs are our needs.   When we help him, we help our own dear selves.   There will always be the needy, the underprivileged, the homeless, the orphans.  It is the duty of those who are given the bounty of Providence in trust, to give help and not to hoard His resources.   Hoarding is like heaping up compost and not scattering it to fertilise the fields.  It is not right.    The Mahatma said that he who has much of this world’s goods and sees his brother in want and does not help him is a thief.   God loves a cheerful giver.   The Cup of Love never runs dry.   Giving in love will never diminish you.   It will enhance you, and when your frail mortal body lies in the dust,  that which is essentially you, will remain to give account of its stewardship.

Randall Butisingh


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