March 8, 2010

all mankind is one

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:16 pm by randallbutisingh

While mother Earth is groaning from the abuse of her children with the diminishing environment, heedless misguided men are slaughtering their brothers and being slaughtered by them, many who call themselves Christians; for what?  to keep one section of humanity safe.  That just cannot be!  All mankind is one: Jew and Gentile, Saint and Sinner,Black and White.  Humanity is indivisible; destruction to any part of that mosaic will be a calamity  and all humanity will suffer.

Whwn will we learn that all men are brothers, children of that one Father God with the same spark of Divinity witinin them.  Your brother is your own dear self.  This  behooves  you to love him as yourself..  If you hurt him, you hurt your own dear self.

So, my dear brotjhrs, lay down your arms and as scripture foretoldl; beat your swords into ploughshares and your spears into pruning hooks and let there be peace, real peace, in all the land. 


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