February 1, 2010

Waste not

Posted in Economics, Environment at 9:13 pm by randallbutisingh


On March 15, 2008, I sounded the wake up call to all Americans in an article “Waste not want not” exhorting them to change their way of living as I envisaged the consequences of their wasteful habits..  This year, 2009, it became pellucidly clear  that my warning was timely; the middle and lower classes especially, are paying very dearly for their prodigality.

Read my article. Many people thought that this country,  the mightiest and richest in the world could never  be reduced to the state it is in now,  heavily indebted – and  squandering the poor taxpayer’s money in aids to foreign countries, Israel, the least deserving getting  forty per cent of all aids given, enabling her to build nuclear weapons as many as India and China put together.  She is now involved in a war that should not have been,  and to which there seems to be no end;   money squandered that could have been used to better  conditions at home.

Fellow Americans, if you are optimistic to the extent to think that things will get again to  what it  was before, think again.   That will never be.  The situation now calls for a definite change of lifestyle.   To alleviate the  suffering this crisis has caused, you will have to eliminate from your budget all luxuries and most of the amenities and live simply.  Let the rule be;  “not how much I want, but how much I can do without”.   Live simply.  It will eliminate stress, save money and benefit your health.  Put the land, whatever size it may be to good use by doing some kitchen gardening, using pots, if necessary.   Store your vegetable waste and build a compost to fertilize your plants.  Plant fruit trees.  Food is a basic necessity.   For your survival, it needs to be given top priority.  Eat a little less.  This will be good for your digestive organs and your waistline.

Begin seriously to recycle.  It will help save the environment from littering and save you money.  Recycle even your envelopes as was done during the Second World War.  Do not throw away your old shoes when it is most comfortable or your socks when it has a little hole; darn it as was being done in old times.  Learn to stitch and darn.  Practise self help so you will not have to pay for every service.   Learn to walk more when you have to travel short distances;  it will be good exercise for you and will save you fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Rise early.  Morning is the best part of the day;  don’t waste it.  Get into the fresh air  and walk.   See the rising sun;  hear the birds sing, observe how all nature is awake, the busy bees flitting from flower to flower to collect nectar and pollinate the flower so that you can get fruit and grain for your table.   Party less, spend less on unproductive sports and read more for knowledge and entertainment.


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  1. Helena Martin (DaSilva) said,

    I left Guyana forty-two years ago and still live by the motto; Waste not want not, I cannot allow myself to stand under the shower because I am always prodded by my mother’s words. Well said and it’s time people start living by that motto.

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