January 9, 2010

kindness and love to all I owe

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Kindness and Love to all I owe,  No other debt doth God allow;  Kindness and L ove then I must pay  To everybody, every day.

The stanza says to everybody, none excluded, be they Jew or  Gentile, Saint or Sinner, Prince or Pauper.  Then why do we war with one another.   All men are brothers created by the one Father, God who loves all equally.  Our enemy is our brother, not to be destroyed by violence but to we won over by friendship.  Know you not that we have the same spark within us from the same Divine, eternal flame?  We destroy our own selves when we destroy others.

Remember we are all part of Him as the waves are of the ocean, interconnected, interrelated and interdependent; one, not only with all men but with all living beings and the cosmos.   Then why do we want to harm one another?   If greed and lust for power motivate us, know that whatsoever we possess, we will all have to leave one day and return to the dust from where we came, prince and pauper alike, none greater, none lesser..So while we are alive, let us be thankful each day for whatever we receive from Him who made us, and let us share with our less fortunate brothers, for whatever we do to “the least among us,we do to Him”.

May you then my brothers live in the Light, and ‘let your light shine before all men so that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven”   I close with one of my own poems:  THE  SAINT.

As full and free as the breeze that blows,  Such is my love which overflows;  No wall surrounds, no heart enslaves,  No barrier, time or creed enclaves;  It touches all, exempt is none,  Bird, beast and man, God, everyone.  And now:

Maty the Lord bless you and keep you and let his Light shine upon you and give you peace.

Randall Butisingh


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