January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

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My dear viewers,

A Happy New Year.

If you have lost everything in the crisis that has befallen us, have Hope.  Material things change and decay, but the spirit in you never changes.  You can make a new beginning.  One day, we all, rich and poor alike, will have to leave everything and return empty handed to be judged for the use of our talents.  This brief stay in the physical world, is just a moment in the context of eternity for which we are destined.  It is how we use our sojourn here that will determine our destiny.   My poem tells:  There are three essentials for living;  “Something to do, something to love and something to hope for”.  If we observe these faithfully, there will be no cause for complaint.

Here is some further advice I will like to give you;

1. Make no resolutions.  If you have to wait until New Year’s day to do them, you will certainly break them.  Time will not wait on you;  you cannot be certain what will happen the next moment.

2.  Live in the present.  God sees you as you are, not what you were.  He is a God of the eternal present.

3.  Give Him thanks for everything, even your pain and suffering.  There is a purpose in everything.  Suffering helps you to grow stronger, to meet difficult challenges and to overcome obstacles if you do not succumb to it.

4.  Stand and stare sometimes, a period of useful idleness.  Enjoy the beauties of creation and let your imagination soar to sublime heights.

5.   See the good only in everything as Lord Jesus did.  He saw the beautiful teeth only in the stinking carcass of a cur.  Seeing the bad will mar your disposition. You  become what you see.

6.  Do not try to change the world; change yourself first.

Finally,  remember what I always remind;  ” It is never too late to learn.  You can learn anything at anytime if you have the will and the commitment to do so.  A man learnt to play the piano  beginning at the age of fifty.


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