December 14, 2009

Blue Star Interfaith Group Address

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This evening I will continue my observations on Love  and present some thoughts on the topic.  First of all I would like to recite again that Doha (couplet) which I recited on the first occasion.

Prem hi prem ka tatwa hai, Prem hi Ishwar naam

Bina prem sansar men;   Jivan hai na kaam ll

This means; Love is Truth and Love is God. Without Love in the world, life has no meaning.

Now I quote from a Christian Hymnal;

Beloved, let us love, Love is of God;

In God alone has Love, its true abode.

Then this is a quotation from one of my own poems inspired by a thought in the Reader’s Digest.  It says Life consists of three essentials – something to do something to love and something to hope for.  My poem reads:

Life cannot be blue

If we’ve something to love,

For no one truly lives

Who does not truly love.

What do we garner from the above?  This.  That Love is essential for a successful, peaceful and happy life.

Yes, many have found something to love which helps to make life meaningful.  It may be work, which if we love becomes a vacation.  It may be for a pet- a dog or lamb or horse, or any such animal, or it may be for another human being – a friend or lover.  In these experiences one may catch glimpses of the timeless, we may feel ecstasy – the flowers may appear more beautiful, to us, the songs of the birds sweeter.  We may stop for an hour to look at a sunrise or sunset; but this love that has its limits cannot bring complete fulfillment.  These experiences are gained from outward and temporary manifestations that is Maya or unreality.

How then do we need to find that Love which is wider than the ocean, deeper than the deepest sea and higher than the highest mountain?  We have to stop looking in the temples and churches and in places of pilgrimage and journey inwards.  This may be done by guided super conscious meditation, by prayer and devotion or by selfless service.

The Soul which is the image of God according the Jews and Christians, or a spark of the Divine according to the Hindus, identical in every one, is the abode of Love and is within this body.  It is there, ready to enlighten and illumine when we realize that Love is the Way and the Goal.

What happens when one is so enlightened?  Listen to this short poem on St. Francis of Assisi which I have written:

Love touched his eyes

The scales fell off

And He beheld the Lover, Christ

Effulgent, serene

Spanning space and time.

Then straightway loosed he his earthly ties

And ran singing in the street;

There he met a beggar for whose rags,

He did his costly robe exchange.

Then found and clasped the leper to his heart ,

Crying, My brother, my own dear brother!

St. Francis was a dissolute young man, the son of a rich merchant.  His every material need was fulfilled, but he felt unfulfilled.  In his sick bed he heard the voice of his saviour calling him to rebuild  the Church.  He immediately arose and from that day, he spent the remainder of his life serving the sick and poor.  He was a lover of animals and the birds would flock around him and he would preach to them.  The animals he would address as brothers; even the wolf was brother wolf.  He was not harmed by any of them.

Here is another of my poems which describes the Saint in a few lines:-

As full and free as the breeze that blows,

such is my love which over flows;

No wall surrounds, no heart enslaves,

No barrier time or creed enclaves;

It touches all, exempt is none,

Bird, beast and man, God, everyone.

The love of the Saint is full and free; it cannot be contained; it overflows and touches everything.  It has no limits, no boundaries.  It transcends and breaks barriers of every kind – race, creed, colour.

Hear what St, Paul says about Love:

Love is patient, Love is kind; Love is not jealous; Love is not out for display; it is not conceited or unmannerly; it is neither self seeking nor irritable nor does it take account of any wrong that is suffered.  It takes no pleasure in injustice, but sides happily with truth it bears everything in silence, has unquenchable faith, hopes under all circumstances; endures without limit.

Love casteth away fear.  No one fears the thing he loves.  There is so much fear in the world today because man has failed to exploit his greatest potential– Love which abides within all and which makes him equal with all.  Like the waves in the ocean, each individual wave dances and prances, trying to outdo the others, without realizing that it is the one with the ocean, and beneath that restlessness, there is calm and peace.  The individual soul will continue to be restless until it finds rest in Love.

You may hve read or heard the story of the prodigal son found in the gospel of the New Testament. The father in that story represents God who is ever waiting for the penitent sinner to return.  When you make one step towards Him, He makes ten steps towards you.  So as you seek him within, you will find your true imperishable self which is no other than the Universal Soul.

No one who loves unconditionally is ever poor, even he has very little material possessions.  Things material change, disintegrate, decay and vanish, but the Cup of Love is always full no matter how much is given from it.  To love is to give, to live for others and if needs be to give your life for others.  When you give to others, you give to yourself, like wise when you harm others you harm your self.

Lord Jesus was the incarnation of Divine Love.  Even when he suffered on the cross, he asked His Father to forgive his enemies as they knew not what they did.  His heart was so large; it took the whole world in.  A Hymn writer wrote this of Him:

Were the whole realm of nature mine,

That were an offering far too small;

Love, so amazing, so Divine,

Demands my soul, my life, my all.

To you members of the Blue Star Organisation of Florida, yours is the great privilege, also the challenge and opportunity to continue ceaselessly on your journey in Quest for true Love and so find your true self which is the imperishable Atma.


— Randall Butisingh


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