November 4, 2009

Is your worrying holding you back?

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Is your worrying holding you back?

Once film negatives are exposed to the
light of day, they’re ruined.

In the same way, once you see your worries for what
they are–self-inflicted doubts–their power disappears.
If you give your doubts and fears too much development time,
they’ll take hold and start to color all of your thinking in a negative light.

Pessimists have more health problems, are less productive,
and are generally unhappier than optimists.
People that don’t worry as much spend more time coping with
the realities of life and less time occupied with would-be problems.

To get rid of worry, think more confidently.
Know that you can handle anything that comes along.
Know that with loss comes opportunity.
Know that things generally have a way of working out.

Stay out of that dark room and picture something better.
Worry is the darkroom in which negatives are developed.

Church billboard in Colorado


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