November 1, 2009

Gems from Madhuban

Posted in Philosophy tagged at 7:24 am by randallbutisingh

Gems from Madhuban

  • If we are impressed with anyone, our capacity to create finishes.  We will not have our own ideas.  If others are in our hearts, we will forget ourselves.
  • If there is attachment or we are impressed, then we are not clean.
  • When our third eye is open, we are saved from being deceived by our physical eyes.
  • When we make our stage like the sun that is constantly shining, without discrimination we are able to serve others at any time and all the time.
  • Our stage is not created and our minds are not clean when our wealth is not used in a worthwhile way.
  • God is Truth, but we have to make ourselves truthful in order to be part of His Truth.
  • A clean heart is always safe.
  • Watch the drama, but don’t be part of it.
  • Other people’s body conscious drishti is not helpful to us.
  • When we are obedient to God, He will be obedient to us.
  • Only soul consciousness is the solution in any situation.
  • Teach yourself to be peaceful.
  • Actions reveal our intentions and motives, more than words.
  • Value each other’s specialities so that you learn to value each other.
  • It is our purity that makes things happen, not what we do.
  • Silence cannot work without knowledge
  • Value others or they will avoid service.
  • Even if others don’t value you, don’t let go of your fortune.

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