October 26, 2009

Searching For An Answer

Posted in Poetry tagged , at 11:32 am by randallbutisingh

Searching For An Answer

I’ve traveled this world far and wide
Seeking something I thought I could find
Loneliness, solitary companion by my side
I had hopes for answers to things on my mind

O’er the mountains and through deep valleys
Beneath sparkling fountains and in dark alleys
My weary feet have had to toil
As I traversed this earth’s soil
Searching for a reason to live, a hope for tomorrow
A world without sorrow

But more I traveled more I marveled
At a world full of cruelty
At man’s inhumanity

As I look around me
All I can see
Are men yearning to be free
More questions than answers
Violence and pollution
Problems beyond solution
A world full of sin
The world I’m living in

Yet will I trudge on
From dawn till sunset
From sunset till morn
Till I find what I seek
A reason to live
Comfort for the meek
Someone to forgive

“Fore my life comes to an end
There’s something I must find
So I can tell you, my friend
Answers to things on my mind
In a world of futility
A world full of cruelty



  1. randallbutisingh said,

    That is a good poem Miles. Happy to accomodate it on my weblog. Keep up the good work.

  2. patanjali ramlall said,

    A few of us are on the same journey Miles, I love it.


  3. Miles said,

    Thanks, Randall and Patanjali, for your kind remarks.

    Indeed, we are all on a journey through life. It’s the hope for all travelers like us that at the end of our present travels we will have found some answers, made someone a little happy, and be prepared for the next phase in Almighty God’s plan.

    Thanks again…and I do enjoy immensely reading pieces done by you, Randall, as well as those by Patanjali!

    Keep up your good works, guys!!

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