October 16, 2009

DIWALI, the Festival of Lights.

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Tomrrow, Saturday 14, Hindus all over the world will be celebrating DIWALI,  one of the greatest two festivals of Hinduism.  For the information of viewers who may not know of Diwali or the significance of it,  Here is what Pandit Rabindranath Tiwari, one of my Hindi pupils say about it.

Deepavali, popularly known as Diwali is the Hindu Festival  of Lights.   The word Deepawali means means “a row of lights”.   It falls on the last day of the last half of the month of Kartika (October – November).   On this very auspicious day, the Supreme Reality Brahman is worshipped as Goddess Lakshmi, the giver of wealth and beauty.

Hindus pray for the grace of Lakshmi to be conferred by them and the entire world in full measure.    The blessings of the Goddess are not only in the form of real estate or money,  but also good health and other things that make for a happy life.   Lakshmi has many facets:  Dhana Lakshmi, symbolising wealth in the form of money, real estate etc .;   Jaya Lakshmi symbolising success in one’s chosen path;  Vara Lakshmi, the gaining of a good life partner;   Arogya Lakshmi, good health;   Santaan Lakshmi, good and healthy offsprings.

Another name for Lakshmi is Shree, which means beauty.    The seeker of Atma Gyan, knowledge of self, prays to the Goddess for inner beauty, which is composure of the mind.   With knowledge of the self, one becomes liberated from the bondage of birth and death.   While worshippinfg Lakshmi on Diwali day, the main focus should be to have a rich and bright mind, a mind filled with the Divine treasures.    Such a mind brings eternal happiness.

At twilight on Diwali day, diyas or earthen oil-lamps are lit in the homes of Hindus.   The Diyas have a special spiritual significance.   The ghee or oil in the diya symbolises our vaasanas or negative tendencies, and the wick, the ego.   When lit by spiritual knowledge, the vaasanas get exhausted and the ego also perishes.   The flame of the diya always burns upwards.   Similarly, we should acquire such knowledge as will take us towards higher ideals.   A single diya can light hundreds more just as one enlightened person can give knowledge to many more.    The brilliance of the diya does not diminish despite its repeated use to light many more diyas.   So, too, knowledge does not lessen when shared with or imparted to others.   Thus while lighting diyas on Diwali evening, we should entertain these thoughts.

May Lakshmi Devi bless all with good health, enough wealth to live a comfortable life, and happiness.

Below is a short poem I wrote on DIVALI.

Gone the darkness of Amawas,

Rent the clouds of gloom asunder;

Now Rama to Ayodhya hying,

For Lakshmi’s favour worshippers vying;

See the rows of lighted diyas,

Brightly burning, chasing the dark,

And the festoons hanging gaily

In the temple’s incensed hall;

O eternal light, effulgent,

Shine upon us from above;

Light our soul and cleanse our heart

And bring us Peace and Joy.

Amawas is the darkest night of the year when legend has it that demons and evil spirits roam the earth.    Deepavali lightens the corners where they may lurk and so chases them away.

Randall Butisingh.



  1. Nalini said,

    Dear Teacher Butisingh,

    May the Divine Light of Divali spread into your life peace, happiness and good health.
    Happy Divali!


    • randallbutisingh said,

      Thanks for your warm Diwali Greeting. I wholeheartedly reciprocate.
      Hope you had a blessed Day.
      Love, Joy and Peace.

      Teacher Butisingh.

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Thanks Nalini for your Divali Greeting. I heartily reciprocate. It is always a pleasure hearing from you.

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