September 23, 2009


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It was on a great looking South Florida summer afternoon in 1995. After I got home from work I decided to go for my usual two- mile walk around my neighborhood. Nearby was a large plot of land was occupied by a plant nursery and I would say that its length was about half a mile. I had a friend, Mike Roberts, doing some carpentry work on our house at the time, and I told him that I was on my way to go walking around the nursery.

Going west, about the equivalent of three city blocks away was the nursery. I rounded a corner on the west side of it and proceeded north going towards Eureka Drive, a main route. On my left were three houses, sitting far apart on remote farms, all enclosed by barbed wire fences and ferocious dogs; nothing else. Strangely enough I never looked skyward, but about midway on that half-mile strip I became aware of a sudden darkening of the skies up, and ahead of me.

I figured that I would be able to touch Eureka Drive, turn around, and be home before there was a cloudburst. Although being a seasoned seaman and knowing something about summer squalls, I underestimated nature and the fury of a Florida thunderstorm. Two more minutes, and the clouds broke loose like the biblical deluge; ten seconds and I was completely drenched with no possibility of seeking any kind of refuge or shelter and slightly more than half a mile from home, including the three city blocks.

This was no ordinary rainfall, there were countless bolts of lightening all around me, hitting the asphalt ferociously with circles of fire in front, sideways, and behind with no end in sight. Tears came to my eyes and I started wondering why I had been saved from a heart attack in December1992, only to die this way.

Then it all came back – between two and three o’ clock that same afternoon, Anthony Rivera, another officer on the job looked at me with squinted eyes and asked, “Hey Ram, do your religion or culture have women dressed in full colourful clothing and jewellery and can be described as Goddesses?” I responded in the affirmative and asked the reason for the question. He stated    “I just saw you in a big circle of fire surrounded by some of these Goddesses but the fire never touched you”. He asked a few more questions about the culture and religion of Hindus, all of which he described in his “vision”. About the fire, I told him that Hindus pray with a little fire burning in front of them and thought no more of our little conversation.

The torrential rain, thunder and lightening kept on, and on, with sparks and fire all around me, some as close as fifteen inches away from my feet. I kept on trudging and came across the previously mentioned corner and turned east, and after about nine minutes, in the wall of rain I made out a red pick-up truck headed in my direction. The driver stopped, and it was Mike ordering me to get into the truck.

I protested, not wanting to mess up his vehicle, he insisted, and stated the obvious danger. As we drove back to the house he said that when he realised the full fury of the storm he had to find me.

Was this the end of storm or danger? Not yet!

As we got out of the truck and started walking to a side door of the house a blue bolt of lightening hit the driveway, about three feet away from the truck’s tail end. The noise was deafening, and the flame was blue, the bluest we had ever seen, better described as a deep ultra violet, the size of a football, soccer, as called by some folks. On a lighter side, Mike laughed and said: “that’s your warning, Pat”.

Next day I sought out Anthony Rivera on the job and asked him to recount to me what he had seen in his “vision” the previous day. He reiterated everything without skipping a beat or changing his thought processes. After he was done I gave him an account of my horrifying episode, – his reply? He only confirmed what he had said on two different occasions.

I am not a practising religious person and I do not believe in coincidences, however, I do believe in a “higher order” that sends “guardian angels” to watch over us.

Anthony Rivera and Mike Roberts will be given a copy of this essay.

Patanjali Ramlall : Guest Contributor



  1. randallbutisingh said,

    An incredible story Pat, but nothing is impossible. There are angels. I remember one day I was relaxing on a sofa in the patio with my eyes closed, day dreaming, when I felt a light tap on my knee. I opened my eyes to see who it was. To my surprise it was a little girl, not more that two and a half feet tall in a shimmering coloured dress standing by my sofa. I reached out to touch her but she vanished. I am sure there is some deep significance in that visit, which in time I may know. Maybe it is a reminder for me to prepare for eternity.

    • Yasmin said,

      Dear TR,

      Patan’s experience is heart rending. I have had a few experiences in my lifetime also. When I was just about 4 years old, a cow came into our yard and before anyone could notice, the cow touched me slightly, I fell to the ground and he came and stood over me, not moving at all. There I was protected by a cow until someone found me about 15 minutes after.

      Another instance was when I had a dream of Lord Krishna standing within the clouds in his regal posture and his flute. He smiled at me and when I asked the other person in my dream if she had seen Him, I awoke. Since then, I have given Lord Krishna all my love and feel very much like Meera.

      Also, Pandit Sama Persaud was very close to me and the year before he passed on, he visited Canada and called me. It was the week of my annual Gita pooja and when I asked him to attend on the weekend, he told me how ill he was and that he promised me to be at my next pooja which would have been one year after. On the morning of my next pooja, Pandit Sam appeared in my dreams at my front door with white shirt and black pants. He did not say a word…..but he came, as promised.
      God bless his soul….he was a great man!

      • randallbutisingh said,

        Yasmin, I, too had my spiritual experiences. One day when I was walking on a pavement in Water Street, Georgetown, a beggar woman, very dirty, stretched out her soil stained hands to me for help. I had compassion on her, and while the passersby did no even look at her, I dropped a silver coin in her hand. In doing so my fingers touched her hand, The thought that came to me was, “where can I wash them” but I quickly realised it was a shameful thought and I kissed the fingers that touched the dirty hand. I did not wash them but carried them with me all day long. That day everyone I met seemed beautiful and I could have hugged and kissed even the leper.

        Those were also the days when people were afraid of walking the streets for fear that they would be choked and robbed by African youths, but I lost that fear and when I saw two African youths approaching, I could only see gentleness on their faces. I felt at one with all mankind, I went home that day a changed person, my treatment of everyone changed. I was happy and at peace.

        Recently here in Florida, I was relaxing on a couch on the patio with my eyes closed, day dreaming when I felt a light tap on my knee. I opened my eyes to see who had touched me. To my surprise, whom did I see, but a little girl in a shimmering coloured dress about two and a half feet tall standing near to me. I reached out to touch her, but she vanished. I thought then that that was a reminder to me that I must prepare, with the brief time at my disposal, for eternity.

        Yasmin, from what I have learnt from my experiences during my long life here on earth is that nothing is impossible, and that with God all things are possible. Miracles are happenning everyday in our lives. Angels, in the form of humans, come to help people. and people could do wonderful things they never learnt.

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