September 17, 2009

The Code of Humanity

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  1. I  Choose to Communicate Truth
  2. I Choose the Reality of Life
  3. I Choose to Heal Not Hurt
  4. I Choose Education Over Ignorance
  5. I Choose the Power of Peace
  6. I Choose to Love God (or Good) and See God (or Good) in All Humanity
  7. I Choose to Seek the Soul in All Things
  8. I Choose to Link to the World of Inspiration
  9. I Choose the Principle of Sharing
  10. I Choose to Become a Co-Creator in Life and Live it More Abundantly

– Rachel S. Kohler


All that is said in the Code of Humanity is contained in the one word Love, just as all the waters from their differenr sources eventually meet in the wide Ocean (symbolic of Love)’, which is their true source and to which they belong.




  1. Yes, the choice often rests with us doesn’t it? And with choice, comes responsibility.

    So often, people have taken a path which they declare to have been chosen for them, either by events or other people.

    But the time comes when you have to stand up, choose, and really begin to live.

  2. Rich said,

    What does “I choose the reality of life” mean? I more or less understand the rest of the code of humanity, but that one is unclear to me. Thanks.

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Rich. I do not know who said that and what he believes is the reality of life. There is a Hindu prayer which goes:
      Lead us from unreality to reality,
      From darkness to light,
      From death to immortality.
      Philosophically speaking all the things that change and perish with time are unreal. That which is real is that which does not change , which is permanent and which will continue to remain. The spirit is real. It was there all the time; no matter whatever body it enters, when that body corrupts the spirit remains. So it behooves us to be aware of what we choose during our existence if we want as the writer says “I choose to live in reality”. Living in reality makes for Peace, Love and Joy.

      • Rich said,

        Thanks for your explanation, Mr. Butisingh. It does seem to make sense to me now.

  3. alaskanott said,

    i enjoy, specifically, your emphasis on choice and will – the power we exude on humanity when we just love – accept, love, whatever you call it. excellent code to be living by.

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