September 17, 2009

Pres. Carter Video on Racism in the USA

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President Carter Video on Racism in the USA


This video is an excerpt from an upcoming detailed TV interview with former President  Carter who would soon be celebrating his 85th birthday.

In this video he says that the vitriolic outbursts and heated debate that surrounds the Obama presidency is based on racism, especially from the “Southern States”. He should know what he is talking about as he is from Georgia, a southern state.

The tough economic times in the USA is not the making of the Obama administration. President Obama’s efforts to get a sustainable and efficient health care system in place has been opposed by the lobbyists  who try to control the Congressional members with their financial and other support. President Obama’s recent speech to Congress on Health Care clearly stated the various options and points of view, and these were not radical proposals. However, there are those who are committed to oppose the changes he has in store for the USA, beginning with health care, which he believes must be fixed for America to progress as a modern nation.

It would be quite interesting to see if the USA will change or at least control its underlying racist behavior and address its problems realistically in this amazing than the technology, worldwide communications and science than we have already witnessed in the last 20  years. An unhealthy and relatively expensive USA, with high health care costs that could financially cripple individuals and families, physically and economically, does not prepare the USA for this new global reality.

Racism has to be discarded  – knowledge and efficiency and commitment has to be promoted for that country to compete, so the USA has to make a choice. They did so by electing President Obama, but there are those bent on seeing him fail without realizing that their actions may make the  USA less powerful nation in the future as this 21st century unfolds.

– Cyril Bryan

– Post submitted by Cyril BryanGuest Contributor


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