September 17, 2009

Make your day

Posted in Philosophy, Psychology tagged , at 11:49 pm by randallbutisingh


Rise early to greet the dawn.  It is the best part of the day when you can see the rising sun, hear the birds singing, see the buds opening as the industrious bee and other insects flit from flower to flower, taking and giving.

Say a short Prayer of thankfulness from the heart to the Creator, for bringing you safely into a new day, and a new opportunity to write on a clean slate.

Greet everyone you meet cheerfully with a smile.  See only the good in others.

Do a service to someone in need

Work on your daily task cheerfully.  Love lightens labour.

Learn something new.   You may memorise a great thought, or a short beautiful poem, and meditate on it in your quiet moments.

Think Love.  It is the virtue everyone should strive for.  When you get it, you need nothing more.  Love’s cup always remains full, no matter how much is given from it.

Randall Butisingh


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