September 11, 2009

Speech by the president.

Posted in USA politics tagged , at 2:11 am by randallbutisingh

Last night, I heard one of the greatest speeches ever.  It was from the incumbent President of the United Stares of America, Barack Obama.  He looked every inch a president – robust health, boundless energy, persevering, courageous and compassionate.  It was a speech in favour of Health Care for the nation.  I had the opportunity of listening  and was touched by it.  Whatever the outcome of the bill that will be presented, this is certain – the cause was noble and may Justice prevail.

O man, how has it taken you so long to learn that you are your brother’s keeper; that without him, you cannot, and with him you can.  When are you going to realise that the best way to go  is the way of acceptance and not rejection.  That making friends is nobler than destroying enemies.  Until you realise that your neighbour is your own dear self, and you must love him as yourself, till then you are living a life of fruitlessness accountable to God who created  all in His own Image and likeness.


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