September 7, 2009

Living Life!

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Living Now!


– Entry submitted by Cyril Bryan – Guest Contributor.



  1. This is a timely reminder for all those people who are chasing their tails in a quest for more money and a better life.

    We enter this world without material wealth and leave just the same. It’s how we fill the time in between that’s important.

    Was it John Lennon who said life is what happens when you’re busy doing other things? Whoever it was, they were right.

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Thanks Martin for that fine comment. I invite you to write on any relevant topic for my weblog.

  2. Randall,

    Many thanks for the kind invitation to write something for your blog. If I come up with something that might be suitable, how would you like me to submit it?

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Martin, you may submit it by e-mail. If it is long, send it on an attachment.

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