August 25, 2009

Unity not division

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If we accept the concept that All Mankind is One, that Humanity is Indivisible, that there is only One Race, the Human Race, that One loving God is the Father of all – a Universal Brotherhood, then why do we go about spending enormous sums of money which could kelp to feed all,  to make weapons  to destroy one another.  All need protection because all are interdependent.  Why do Nations blind themselves to that fact.

The present crisis has hit all nations; this means that all are affected.  We should now seek Cooperation and Unity in order to stem the  disasters which will reach all.  In  Unity there is strength.  If this Nation is truly Christian, it will heed the injunction:  ‘We are our brother’s keeper.”  The Jew as well as the Arab, as well as all the other ethnic groups are our brothers.  To talk of making war to protect the American people is wrong thinking.   all God’s people need protection.  Our neighbour made in the image of God is our own dear self.

There is no way in which war can bring security and peace;  only seething hate from the humiliated vanquished and the desire for revenge;   history has proved that over and over again.  One cannot desroy another and save oneself;  in the same way one cannot help another without helping one self.

The present conflicts in which this country is engaged  can only foster more hate, squander its resources of human beings and materials and impoverish the Nation.  It is time to wake up and stop all conflicts and begin destrying your enemies as Lincoln puts it, by making them your friends; and see that justice is given to all alike.

The vision should be the establishment of One World, One People, One Destiny; also One Religion – Love, and one Objective – Selfless Service.   And the Slogan: “UNITE  or PERISH”

– Randall Butisingh


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