August 23, 2009

Life’s purpose

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When that which was before the beginning  incarnates, and begins a life in time, then that brief stay which is a wink in the context of eternity in which there is birth, growth with its inevitable pain and suffering, and brief periods of pleasure, not knowing why we are here and what is our final destination;  but of one thing we are certain;  there will be death to this natural body, and that will not be the end of us who are essentially spirit, spark of the One eternal Spirit.

But there is however a purpose behind all this.  The Scripture says:  “Ask and it will be given unto you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened unto you.”  If we do these things, then it will be revealed unto us that, to live in this natural world, pain and suffering are inevitable.  They are the crucible in which the character is burnished and the personality is given lustre.  Then as  St Paul puts it in  1 Corinthians 13 : 11,  “What we see now is like a dim image in a mirror, but then we shall see face to face.”   The Truth will be revealed to us and set us free.

On a higher dimension, Suffering given voluntarily for a good cause, as our Lord did, even to the giving of one’s  life will give greater meaning to our existence.  Then Love will have been accomplished, and Love is the perfection needed for man’s Salvation.  Love is God.

Randall Butisingh



  1. This pain and suffering can be minimized. Happiness and Joy is a choice and when we understand that it is not the external but the internal we must focus on we are well on our way to achieving this Happiness and Joy. Discover the things that bring you joy and do more of them because they are you life purpose.

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Thanks for that wise comment Dick. Most of us try to find true Joy by rushing from place to place when true joy can be found only in the inside.

  2. CYRIL A. SARJOO said,

    Life’s purpose.
    God is a Spirit. He is ageless. He is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.
    The existence of a living Almighty God is a mystery, a miracle and it is supernatural. Indeed God in His infinite wisdom has created man in his own image and likeness for His pleasure to love and for man to love, cherish, worship, praise, adore Him. The whole existence of man is also miraculous. Upon conception God imparts to man His Spirit and a Soul which live in a physical body. Immediately upon death the Spirit and the soul return to God to await judgment – what you have done in your life, good and bad. Man is also a spirit being; when the body dies the spirit lives on eternally.
    Man commences his life as a baby. God has instituted a mother and a father ( as earthly gods of a child ) to love, nurture and care for a child. The care and upbringing of a child is very demanding, especially on the part of the mother. That is the reason a child should be ever grateful to his parents and love and honor them, as parents love God. God will not refuse to bless a child who wholeheartedly takes care of his parents in their old age. Man goes through several phases in life – infancy, adolescence and adulthood when he is ready to start his own family.
    While on this earth man should endeavor to have a relationship with God and to treat with compassion and kindness each human he encounters in his life as each person is a creation of God.
    One day God will take His saints to heaven, the dead and the living will put on glorified bodies; the spirit of man will unite with his dead body. Jesus will return to this earth. The antichrist and the satan will be bound and thrown into the lake of fire. Then a new and beautiful heaven will descend from above and a new earth will be established on this earth and God himself will dwell there and we will worship Him. Then there will be no more death, sorrow, tears, pain and suffering. There will be eternal life for all believers in Christ, as promised by God. This will accomplish the original plan of God for man.

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Thank you Cyril for that comment. There is only one Omniscience by whom, those who trust in It, are guided.

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Thanks for that mini sermon Cyril. Man owes a duty to God whom he cannot see by serving his fellowmen, who are God’s children, whom he can see. The injunction from the Saviour is: “If you do it (give help) unto the least of any of these (your fellowmen), you do it unto Me.”

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