August 15, 2009


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QUO VADIS DOMINE?  (Part 2) by Patanjali Ramlall.

I have contributed to this Blog in the past. Mr. Randall Butisingh, my teacher in the 1950’s at Lusignan School, East Coast Demerara, British Guiana (now Guyana), has asked me to continue my writings and submit them to his Blog for inclusion. I thank him for this wonderful opportunity. Here is my latest contribution.

I published Quo Vadis Domine? On July 27,2009. This is the follow up to that article.


In as much as we are fed information by official news agencies of the
governments of leading world powers there is still a hankering for the
truth in some schools of thought, especially in astronomy.
What is that truth? That we are never told what is behind the cover-up
of so many personal experiences and sightings of unexplained

On July 20th,1969, while travelling at 24,000 miles per hour over
Australia, on its way to the moon, a transmission by one of the Apollo
11 astronauts was picked up by amateur radio operators, “hams” as they
are called, and this is what was heard, ” holy cow, look at that thing
going by, and moving so fast that it makes me feel like we are
standing still.” That piece was not picked up by television sets
around the world because there is always a 30 second delay to off-set
any information that may raise eyebrows and cause people to think
outside of the box.

In the early 1970’s I attended a school on Campus, Fort Carson
Colorado, and did some research on UFO’s. During that period an
interesting conversation ensued between myself and one of my teachers.
This is what I learnt from her.

Shortly after that historic 1969 flight, Neil Armstrong and his two
co-astronauts made a visit to the US AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colorado
Springs, Colorado, which is right next to Fort Carson, so they decided
on a tour of the military base. After meeting with students in the
school – all military, the astronauts, in closed session with the
teachers gave a few hints about space travelling and confirmed the
above incident on “holy cow……….”

Neil Armstrong went on to say that on the 2 days spent on the moon
they observed movements of some sort of intelligent life, e.g., what
appeared to be rocks on the moon at first, were actually symmetrical
shapes moving from one location to another, as the hours went by. He
further stated that they were throughly de-briefed upon their return
to terra firma and cautioned about telling the media or public what I
just wrote. In 1960 a shiny object was observed flying quite
erratically over the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and had the
beach goers spell bound. After a spectacular few minutes it exploded,
and thousand of pieces of metal fell on the beach. The metal was
gathered up and the Brazilian scientific and intelligence officials
were unable to trace some of its components.

American agencies were called in, and upon analyses of these metals at
the Pentagon it was concluded that five of the components were not of
earthly origin. Strangely enough, the Brahmins of India described the
atom and spoke of extraterrestrial travelling, 5 millenia ago. Those
Brahmins spoke of a space craft called VIMANA, five of the metals
described in the Vimana have never been found on this planet.

In some Indian languages the V and the W are interchangeable. Check
out the name of the Bangladeshi national airline, it is  BIMANA, for
the uninitiated, Bangladesh was Eastern Bengal in India, prior to
August14,1947. During and after W W II, there appeared some mysterious
flying objects in the skies. Neither the Allied nor Axis forces cold
establish the origin of these manifestations and to date there has
been no plausible explanation.  Read up on it under the caption FOO
FIGHTERS WW II, on the internet. Facts about the ROSWELL CRASH, New
Mexico, July 8, 1947 are still being withheld from us.

This essay can be much longer, but the point is “whither goest thou”?
We constantly get subtle and not so subtle messages from other than
earthly sources and still want to go out and find other than earthly
life forms, planting flags on the moon with double talk, etc, Yet that
which we seek is all around us.

Do we ever stop and think that since governments spend tremendous
amounts of money and manpower pursuing evidence of life in outer
space, that they know and have facts that are being kept away from
public scrutiny.? No sane person should think of colonising the moon
or Mars for the next two or three centuries – why? Do some research on
logistics. Right now let these governments find cures for all
diseases, feed, clothe, educate, and keep all of us in a safe and
healthy environment, eliminate poverty and wars, and pray for an end
to greed and power.

After we have accomplished all of the above we may be able, without
shame and hypocrisy to move on to the farther reaches of the solar
system, and not say  – QUO VADIS DOMINE?

– Patanjali Ramlall


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  1. randallbutisingh said,

    A mind boggling article Pat. It is amazing how you come up with these informations. They will certainly stagger the imagination of the incredulous. They give me food for thought. We do not know one hundredth of one percent of anything. With all our astounding inventions which can take us deep into space, we are still groping as if in the dark.

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