June 19, 2009

What is education?

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The emphasis on grades…

In the emphasis placed on getting good grades, educators have lost sight of the the true aim of education which is “to fit the child to live and to live with”.  This means after the child  has passed through the system, he will be physically, mentally and morally equipped to make a decent livelihood from the vocation of his choice,  have good relationships with his fellow men by being civil and courteous; always willing to give a helping hand to one in need;   be able to choose a refreshing and healthful hobby, refrain from what will cause addiction, be able to keep his body clean and healthy, knowing it to be the temple of God,  love the beautiful things of life: good poetry, good music, the beauties of Nature and always open to receive useful knowledge.

If any of the components mentioned above is missing, the individual will have a lopsided personality and he will become a  misfit  in society.  In short the primary aim of Education is the the building of character.  Without paying regard to  Character building, Education will, like an improperly cultivated soil  yield rank weeds instead of edibles.

Again, competition should not be encouraged in school.  It does more harm than good to education.  It encourages cheating and unhealthy rivalry. Every child should be allowed to develop at its own rate and be commended for effort.     The saddest thing that can be said of education is that the hidden talents of the child had not been discovered.

Teachers, know that you are not only teaching a subject but a child, and it is in your interest to know the child as well as the subject.  I have written a paper on the “Role of the School”, which though it was written for education in the middle part of the twentieth century, you will find principles that can be applied today. Here is the link the first of the four articles on the “Role of the School”.


I also have other articles on Education which can be found  in this Weblog. Type in “Education” in the search and get a list of articles that mention education.


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  1. keel wilson said,

    Education is very important for everyone. Without education, man does not mean anything.
    That’s right the teacher should keep in mind that what you should tell the boy.

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