June 7, 2009


Posted in Philosophy tagged , , at 1:16 am by randallbutisingh

Today’s Thought:


Many are the wonders of the universe; and many are those that go unnoticed: the little flower, of the path; the pounding surf on an unseen shore;  the inner glow of someone’s love – so many wonders tucked away.


The most beautiful experience in a person’s life is when he is truly in love.   His whole being is transformed.  He tries to sing even if he is tone deaf.  He sees beauty in everything.  He is pleasant to everyone.  When he is with his beloved, time stands still, he is out of his body, hunger and thirst disappear and nothing else matters.  To hold hands in silence for an hour speaks more eloquently that words.  This state is difficult of attainment of the present  generation who is preoccupied with sex from an early age.  Chivalry and modesty have no meaning for today’s generation

– Randall Butisingh


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