June 3, 2009

all mankind is one

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:11 am by randallbutisingh

This global crisis should teach us that all are involved and that we cannot go it alone.  To talk about going to war to save the American people, as if theyare the only people worth saving is divisive and detrimental.    How long will it take us to learn, after all our great achievements,  that we are interrelated and interdependent  like parts of the body.  The refusal of one part to cooperate will bring sickness  or even death.  So whatever nation you may  be when you go to war, you are not only fighting what you call your enemy, but you are fighting your own self.  If the present  administration does not get out of this fight, and bring the soldiers back home .and try the way of friendship and cooperatioon then “Thy Kingdom come” of  Holy writ will have no significance.

I reiterate “All mankind is one”.  Humanity is indivisible; and “Love of neighbour is love of self.  That is the experience of the Sufi, the Yogi, the Saints.  So , ‘O man, gird up your loins and fight, not an enemy, but your own deluded self which is your worst enemy.



  1. Good Day to You Randall Butisingh !

    I thank God for giving me the Great Opportunity today to cross your path on the Internet while I was reading through a blogg that brought me over to yours.

    I wish to confirm that your wisdom I share totally in both the way you express it but above all the depth of the thougts that you so correctly spread in a much understandable form.

    My mother’s tongue is French but I very much like to read in English to reach out for more and more humanbeeings who share the same outlook on the present, near and far FUTURE.

    When more and more people like you maintain their spirit of tolerance and positivity rather than trying constantly to create Terror and what it entails, We all can count on The Approach to get everybody in PEACE and Help bring about a totally New understanding of Peace based on what you express so well, a Get Together kind of cooperation in working with all men and women of Good Will to convey to their Friends and Neighbours a conviction that there must be an end to all the nonsense approaches that have been preached to too many Innocent people.

    With my deepest appreciation for what you Think and Write.

    Gilles Lavigueur
    Quebec City

  2. randallbutisingh said,

    Iam happy that you were able to find my Weblog and that you share my convictions. I believe in the indivisibility of humanity and that we are all, whatever our talents, important pieces in the mosaic of humanity; that we are all interrelated interconnected and interdependent; that because of greed and lust for power we fail to realise this obvious fact; and this is the cause of all the conflicts in the world. I also have the hope, that with enlightenment, the time will come when man will realise that unity and cooperation is the way to go. Many have learnt the lesson from this crisis which, due to the error and Judgment of one has affected all. I envisage the time is not far off when His Kingdom will come and that men will beat their swords into ploughshares and their swords into pruning hooks and there will be real peace in all the land.

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