June 2, 2009

Leave a legacy

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Leave a legacy for posterity.

We can all, if we will, leave a legacy for posterity.  We can plant a tree under whose shade we may not sit or whose fruit we may not eat; but when we are gone it will give shade to the weary traveller, food for the hungry and roost for the birds; or we can dig a well, the water of which we may not drink but which will refresh man and beast when we are no more; or we can leave a trail where we have passed to guide some lost brother.

These and much more we can do for posterity.  We can leave an inspiring poem or song.  For what we are today is, as I put it in my Booklet “Flashes of Light”; “Man is what he is today because of the endowments of  his Creator and the legacies of his ancestors.  He has a twofold responsibility, to God and his fellow man”.

All the progress in Science,  Technology, Medicine could not have been, if we had not built upon the achievements of our ancestors.  So leave a legacy; your progeny will bless you.

– Randall Butisingh.



  1. Patanjali Ramlall said,

    Well sir, I am deeply moved to know that you are now the official oldest blogger in our known universe.

    I wish you good health and many more years to continue with you spiritual and philosophical pursuits and to be able to share them with all of us.

    You deserve an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy.

    As always your pupil,

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Thanks for your kind comments. I know what you speak is from the heart, but I am not looking forward to any intellectual recognition or to fame which as one writer puts it: “Fame is the food which dead men eat; I have no relish for such meat.” I am endeavouring by the little light of the Divine spark that is lit in me to pass on to some receptive soul. I always love your responses; I feel their sincerity and they make me feel good.


  2. Gertrude Bourdages said,

    Dear Mr. Randall,

    this morning when I opened my computer on MSN there was this article on old people which have a blog on internet, they talk about you, and a sentence take mi attention like taking courses at your age, and at this time of my life I wonder if I am to old to take piano and painting courses, I am 64 years old.

    Well I guess I have my answer, thank you like they say ” you make my day”

    Have a good day

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Dear Gertrude,
      Thanks for visiting my Weblog and for your kind comments. My advice to you is that it is never too late to learn. I learnt to use the computer after the age of 80, to play the recorder at the age of 89, to begin to Blog at the age of 95 and to begin learning Spanish at the age of 96. I also learnt to read the Arabic script, so that I could read from the Qur’an at 70 plus. Once you have life, you should always be employed. The soul never grows old and activity will always keep you looking younger. So, if you like the piano, start learning, you may not become a professional, but you will have the joy of achievement, for success is not in reaching the goal, but the joy in the journey to the goal. I wish you all the best. Chronologically, you are still young by today’s standard.


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