May 25, 2009

Great thought

Posted in Philosophy, Thoughts tagged , , at 6:37 pm by randallbutisingh

No one can tell whether they are rich or poor by looking at their ledger.  It is the heart that makes a person rich.  One is rich according to what one is, not what one has.

Henry Ward Beecher.


One may have little, but if one is contented, he will be able to use that little to supply his basic needs and still have a little left to share with  a needy one, while one may have much, but is not satisfied and still wants  more.  He has nothing to share.  Who then is the rich one?  The former is happy while the latter is miserable.

-Randall Butisingh


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  1. Rosanne Kadir said,

    love the thoughts!!!!

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