May 24, 2009

Working together for progress

Posted in Friendship, Philosophy, Thoughts, USA politics tagged , , , , , at 4:26 am by randallbutisingh

It is time for the leaders of the world to realise that to survive this crisis which has affected every nation. that working together is the way to go.  Now is not the time for nations to work in isolation and compete against one another.  It needs concerted effort to get us out of this deep chasm that American leaders who lacked  vision and discrimination brought us into.  In this engagement, America, with her new world acclaimed leader, must try to set the standard of inclusion of all.  At the same time she must make effort to bring justice to all peoples.  Otherwise every one will continue to live in fear, for those who think they are wronged will quite rightly fight for their rights.  Now is an opportunity to put less trust in fighting and more in  trying to build friendships.

All men are brothers whether we accept it or not.  Those who spurn true religion must know that all mankind came from the same source and are alike as the waves are to the ocean though they have differing degrees of dimension and intensity.  Disregarding this fact of our inter relation has been the cause of conflicts from time immemorial.

Randall Butisingh


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