May 6, 2009

The East Indians of Guyana: The inheritance of dictatorship

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The East Indians of Guyana: The inheritance of dictatorship

May 5, 2009 | By knews |  Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

The subject of philosophy makes for dreary and difficult reading. It took me three endeavours to understand Martin Heidegger’s “Being and Time.” I persisted with this difficult philosophy text and it turned out to be, for me, the best philosophy book that was ever authored and one of the books that have influenced my approach to life.
Philosophy is a great discipline though it is replete with pessimistic thoughts on the human condition. A majority of people in the world thinks it is too melancholy a subject to recommend to students.
Once mastered, philosophy makes you understand that absolutely nothing in life is beyond comprehension and that nothing in life must be thought of as being impossible to have existence. When you understand the human condition (if it could ever be understood) then the idea that human existence could be transformed into unimaginable shapes becomes easily comprehensible.

The Jews’ mistreatment of the Palestinians becomes the most obvious example when such a topic is up for debate. The last race group in the world that should brutalize another ethnic community the way Hitler’s Germany did to them is the Jewish state of Israel.
Yet in the recent invasion of the Gaza, the Jewish army behaved like the Nazi soldiers and committed war crimes against the Palestinian civilians.

A majority of the East Indians of Guyana over the past 16 years are silent over the use of state power to discriminate, humiliate and diminish the presence of another ethnic constituency in this country when those very Indians knew the feelings of racial deprivation and appealed to the world to intervene.
The world did just that as it did when the Jews cried and the world gave the Jews a country of their own.
All across the globe, sympathy came for the Guyanese Indians who begged for attention. They wanted racial discrimination to be stopped. They wanted to share Guyana. Sadly, today, the Indians aren’t sharing Guyana. Sadly today, the Jews of Israel and the East Indians of Guyana have proven philosophy right. Those who write about the human condition will continue to ask:  “Which other race group will betray the world?”
I know about discrimination against the ethnic composition of which I am a member. I saw it in the seventies and eighties. I saw it with my own two eyes. I saw thousands and thousands of Indians in Guyana cry out for justice.
Their only crime was that they were Indians. I met lawyers, doctors, farmers, professionals, university students, market vendors, hire-car drivers, business people who prayed for the day when discrimination against Guyanese Indians would stop. The misery of discrimination showed its ugly face when visiting cricket teams would be supported by Indians against their own West Indian boys.
But there was one beautiful nuance in the struggle of Indians that should never escape mention. There were thousands of decent African Guyanese who joined the battle cry of the Indians. Some died so Indians could have been freed.
Today, the Jews when dealing with the Palestinians do not care to remember what the Nazis did to them. Today, in tragic Guyana, the East Indians have inherited the fruits of dictatorship.
As they devour the resources of this territory, as they celebrate Indian Arrival Day, they will garland governmental leaders and Hindu pandits who are open and frenetic racists.
I attended the TUC May Day Rally. And I felt broken hearted because the same feeling of angst that penetrated my soul in the seventies and eighties when I heard the cries of state mistreatment of Indians, I heard at that rally.
This time the victims were Africans. Yesterday, the Indians didn’t belong. Their land was not theirs.
Today the Africans are internal exiles. It is their time to feel that they are being pushed out.
This is the madness of politics, the insanity of sociology and the tragedy of social life that have dominated this landscape since I was born. Nothing has changed in my lifetime. A man, a woman gets a piece of the pie in Guyana today depending on the blood that runs in his/her veins.
It is the judgement of race. It is the ultimate in human destruction.

It would be really fascinating to look inside the minds of the Guyanese Indian rulers, their supporters and those Indians who lived through the seventies and eighties as they flock to the parks, mandirs and mosques to celebrate not only Indian Arrival Day but THEIR time. There was a time when they didn’t have THEIR time.
But their leaders shamelessly tell you THEIR time has come.
With it may come, the final seeds of the destruction of this nation.

Guyana: Kaieteur News:  Tuesday May 5, 2009.



  1. Guyana Reality said,

    Guyana seems headed for destruction. It may only be a question of when and how bloody it will be.

    There is a systematic program on to destroy the will of the African/Mixed minority population by assigning the government contracts and high paying jobs to Indians… as they are the majority and control the government with 54% of the votes as in the last elections in 2006. The next elections are slated for 2011.

    The last Guyana census (2002) showed that Guyana is a Christian country with 57% of the population saying they are Christians. Hindus number 30% and Muslim 7%. Listening and looking at the propaganda one would believe that Guyana is an “INDIAN COUNTRY”. This is not so in reality as Indians make up 43% of the population. They behave as if they are 90% of the population and that may be their downfall.

    See the statistics at:

    The main problem in Guyana is one of racial division for political gain. East Indians now make up 43%, Africans 30%; Mixed 17% Amerindian 10%. The Mixed and Amerindian are the largest growing category. In religion the Indians are becoming more Christians, embracing mainly the Pentecostal faiths…. the Hindus do not like this trend at all and they openly voice it.

    In 2003, the census reported that Hindus were the largest religion in Guyana. Actually this is incorrect as the Christians are with 57%. This reporting error is typical as Indian Hindus want the world to think that Guyana is a Hindu country. Hindus would like to attract Hindus to Guyana to build a Hindu state in South America – however this may nor happen as Guyana is about to explode at any time – the way Fiji exploded with indigenous people refusing the “foreign” control of people who do not assimilate within the society.

    Religion ans government does not mix, especially in a country with a diverse population.

    Sri Lanka has proven how a people (The Tamils) can be misled, take up arms against their government, and then be totally destroyed, losing face and further possibility for advancement.

    Guyana could prove this as well even though the Indians are statistically larger… the Africans and mixed people have little to lose. They control the Army and Police and they are being systematically marginalized so they may not care if everything is destroyed. History will tell!

  2. martin said,

    guyanese indians treat other guyanese indians far worse than any other race. Trust me go to a bar or restaurant. or observe friendships among them, you will see that guyanese indians respect other races more than their own.

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