April 18, 2009


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By: Randall Butisingh

It does not seem that the American administration, and for that the Nations of the world have learnt their lesson from the devastating catastrophe that has landed them in a deep pit precipitated by the indiscretion and rashness of a misguided and misinformed former leader.  It is time to realise that release can only come through COOPERATION and not COMPETITION as was the practice before, and which is suggested by the present administration.

It is also time to learn that in the current civilization that no Nation can survive without the help of others. Patriotism, in the context of one’s own country cannot hold water any longer.   “No man is an island to himself” says John Donne; “so when the bell tolls, do not send to ask for whom it tolls, it tolls for thee”. The slogan for the era which began with the election of a Black president to the U.S. Presidency should be “All Mankind is One”.

The United States of America, if it is to retain its status as leader of the Nations, as she was after World War II must set the example.  As a Nation whose constitution is based on Christian principles, her Church which is splintered into many divisive denominations and sects must move towards ecumenism and also show a genuine respect and toleration for those who seek to find truth by other paths.

Competition, if regard is to be paid to the individual’s capacity, both physical and mental, and to the development of the character, must cease in Institutes of Learning and Education.  Competition breeds cheating, unhealthy rivalry and unfriendliness.   May good sense let
Instititutions and Nations be aware of its negative influence.

It should be further noted that Science and Technology, especially during the past few years have helped to break down all artificial barriers.  All are now coming to live as if in one house as one family.  To have Peace and Harmony there must be no warring factions.

O Mankind, all are Brothers under the Fatherhood of God who created us,  the Jew and the Arab, the Black and the White, the Yellow and the Brown; all in His own Image, and has provided for all.  Restrain from Competition and try Cooperation.  One has brought all to this situation; All must join and take themselves out of it.

Randall Butisingh


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