February 6, 2009


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Here is advice from the RIG VEDA 10. 191. 4, the oldest scripture to be ever written in Sanskrit, the Mother of all Languages.

May all the members of society have one common objective.

May their hearts beat as one.

May their minds think alike,

so that with their diverse skills

they may be able to accomplish

their objective satisfactorily.


Today, more than ever we need this advice.  With the economy in a parlous situation, precipitated by the indiscretion of leaders of one  nation but affecting all nations.  It behooves all nations, therefore. to become fully aware of their interrelatedness, and begin to work together with one heart and mind to fight the crisis which has descended on us.  Every individual, however insignificant he may seem  is endowed with something that no other has and can make a contribution which no other can.  So let us respect everyone, we are all brothers of the clod, and equal in the sight of God;  let us cooperate so as to bring about that objective which will  be most pleasing to Him.

– Randall Butisingh


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