January 21, 2009

CHANGE Has Happened!

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The die is cast. CHANGE Has Happened,  Colour,  Cruelty and Cupidity has lost the battle against Courage, Compassion and Commitment.  A new era has dawned when men will begin to see that all along they were not fighting enemies, but that they were fighting themselves.  They will  see their neighbour, whoever he is, as themselves  and will realise that in serving him, they will be  serving their own selves.  They will see that virtue is better than  tangible transitory wealth which moth and rust can corrupt and where thieves can break in and steal.

They will realise that happiness cannot be gained in a palace where, without love, is too small for even two, while living in a hovel where there is love  and very little, a group will be happy with sharing what they have and feel warmth by huddling together, and they will still be able to open their door and their hearts to any brother who may need shelter.

Nations, the time has come when we must see all others as one in Humanity, interrelated, interconnected and interdependent, so then let us open our hearts and our purses  to help our fellow man, for in doing this we do it to our own selves.

My vision for the future is that this  Nation will be setting the example of neighbourliness, working together, sharing whatever  they  have with one another and finding that Joy which can only be found in service.  There will now be true government by the people, of the people and for the people.

Always remember that those who bring sunshine in the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves; that we can only find true happiness when we make others happy and we can only be free when all are free.

– Randall Butisingh



  1. Cyril Bryan said,

    Hello T.R.

    I like your analysis of the CHANGE that has been proposed and is happening in the USA with the ascension of President Barack Obama. The changes that are expected reflect your philosophy of mankind – interconnected, indivisible – Humanity as interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. Also that helping and serving others in need was the greatest gift one could bestow and that by helping others we also help ourselves.

    The new stated philosophy of helping one’s neighbor and being and acting responsibly as espoused by Obama, and lived by him in his political life, have now become “acceptable” and Americans will embrace the principles of brotherhood and working together for mutual success, especially in these perilous times. Community involvement will now be the “in thing”…. as as you well know Americans like to be doing what is “IN” and considered acceptable by those they respect… and Obama has their respect.

    Like you, I feel positive about the future. Obama and his teams will be using the internet and its features that help in coordination and planning to get people involved with their own government. He used the technology to win the Presidency and he will now use it to ensure that his ideas are disseminated without spin and that he is in direct link with the people with the messages he has to deliver…. We are really in for exciting times and I do hope that the USA lives up to the theories of its forefathers as enshrined in the Constitution, wher there is true equality and opportunity as well as respect for all its citizens.

    Cyril Bryan

  2. randallbutisingh said,

    Thanks Cyril for your response to my message on CHANGE. The present crisis precipitated by greed and indiscretion is thE wake up call to all humanity and a motivaion for the quest of those things that really matter; the intangibles like love and compassion, service and sacrifice,cooperation and a united brotherhood.
    This woRld can be a paradise, if mankind can only realise that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, and its bounty is not to be hoarded by the few, but to be made available to all God’s creatures.
    It was Mahatma Gandhi, that saintly character who said; he that has much of this world’s goods and sees his brother in want and does not help him is a thief.

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