January 18, 2009

Introducing Lyndon Barton

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Dear Teacher Randall,

 Just wanted to share with you a copy of my most recent artwork (shown below), hoping that you will enjoy it. This is a scene of a home in rural Pennsylvania, which I was commissioned by its owner to do, and the medium is colored pencil.

 Also attached is a brief background write-up for your information.

 Once again, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for first being that special teacher you were to me in elementary school who encouraged me with my artwork, then later as a colleague and now a friend.



Painting by Lyndon Barton

Painting by Lyndon Barton


Lyndon O. Barton,  is a resident of Newark, Delaware, and former senior engineer with the E. I. DuPont Company,. He was born in Buxton, Guyana, where he received both his elementary and secondary education, attending St. Augustine’s Anglican School (later Friendship Government Secondary School) in Buxton and Guyanese College, in Georgetown.

 After high school, Lyndon returned to St. Augustine’s and taught for approximately 5 years, then entered the civil service, where he served as Class II Clerk, until his departure from Guyana for the United States.

Arriving in the U.S., Lyndon entered Howard University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. Upon graduation he joined the DuPont Company and, while a full-time employee with this company, completed a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Delaware.

 From a youth, Lyndon has always pursued art as hobby and later an vocation. In that pursuit, he received numerous recognitions/awards for his artistic work, and as an independent student he was successful in earning the General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) in Art from the University of London.

Continuing with art as an avocation in the U.S, he was recognized by the Committee for Improvement of Buxton (CIMBUX), a U.S. based Guyanese organization, for his contribution to Buxton in the field of Art.


Although Lyndon has worked with various media, his most recent renderings have been in colored pencil. These include and LANDMARKS OF BUXTON, his hometown, LANDMARKS OF NEWARK, Delaware, where he currently resides, and scenes from A STUDY HALL, based on classroom observations as a substitute high school teacher. These works have been displayed in one-man exhibitions at various locations in Delaware.


In addition to his artistic pursuits, Lyndon is an author, inventor, and college instructor. As an author, he has to his credit a college textbook entitled, Mechanism Analysis (first and second editions), written for mechanical engineers and students, plus numerous technical papers, and was listed in Who’s Who in Engineering and Science 1994/1995 edition by Marquis Publications. As an inventor, he holds four U.S. patents on various board game accessories and designs greeting cards. As a college instructor, he has lectured in mechanical engineering, but now teaches mathematics at the Delaware State University.


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