January 11, 2009

My letter to the new president of the U.S.A.

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Dear Mr. President,

You are a Christian who follow the teachings of Jesus which is one of  love and peace, and as the scripture predicts, the time is near when men will realise the futility of war and  will beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks; and there will be peace in all the land.  You have the opportunity to lead us to that time which may not be too far away.

Politics has always been regarded as a dirty game, but with your leadership it must not continue to be so. Let it be hoped that with your Change, you will not compromise your integrity and get tainted with its muck.

Here are a few suggestions I would like to make as you assume office:

Stop spending more on the military and try to win friends by diplomacy and dialogue.

End the military occupation of Iraq and bring our young men home.  Enough have died, more than  enough have been  injured  and crippled,  and  many are the widows and  and orphans.

As the economy is in a parlous condition,  reduce the aid that is given to Israel and other countries so as to be able to help Americans who are unemployed and underemployed.

Give aid to the Palestinians.  They are our brothers who have been disadvantaged.

Order a halt on  space explorations which are consuming much of the taxpayer’s money and spend more on education and health care.

Call on the wealthiest two percent to invest in the recovery of the nation  by opening their hearts and their abundance.  Wealth not used purposefully is like a huge compost heap not scattered to fertilise the land.

Order a halt to the  spraying of chemicals from the air which pollutes, not only the area sprayed, but  a wider ambience affecting animals and people, and give subsidies to those farmers who are willing to change from inorganic to organic farming.

Have inspectors to check how animals are reared for meat and milk production.  Most of the illnesses are caused by eating meat and drinking milk produced from sick animals.  Good eating habits will help reduce the burden on health care.

Place a heavy fine on those who dump harmful wastes in the ocean endangering and polluting marine life.

Tear down most of the prisons and stop the baneful prison industry which encourages imprisonment for petty crimes.  Work on rehabilitating the hardened criminals and let them work to earn their keep.   Expose them to religion and wholesome hobbies and never let loose a hardened criminal on the street.  As a Christian you know that the worse sinner can be converted and become a good and useful citizen.

Let all who apply for the use of fire arms state in writing what it will be used for and provide a recommendation from a person of repute, and let them be registered and pay a substantial yearly licence fee.  Those who sell arms must keeep a register of sales and if caught  selling to unauthorized persons be dealt with harshly and spend time in jail.

Have an education system that does not promote competition which encourages cheating,  but one which encourages hard work at the pupil’s own level of ability.  Let effort be recognized and rewarded rather than ability.   Education is more than for fitting the child  to live, but also to live with.  Also promote Adult education and vibrant parent- teacher Associations.

Allow investigation in both religion and science in the education system.  Science has its limitations.  It is bounded by the physical world.  Metaphysics can probe into the unknown and set the soul on a boundless quest for  love and peace.  A life without love and peace of mind, no matter how wealthy one is, is a wasted life.

Above all you will be considered the best of presidents, if you help to resolve the Israeli Palestinian conflict which is the root cause of most of the terrorism and the devastation caused by conflicts in the world today   It is the toughest challenge you have to face.

Strive at all times to gain the confidence of your people and,  in the present situation where belts will have to be tightened, sacrifices will have to be made,  be their role model in this regard.

Remember,  at all times, we are all brothers of the clod with the same Divine breath breathed into us, equal in the eyes of God; all interconnected and interdependent, pieces in the mosaic which is indivisible humanity.  Injustice to any segment of humanity will cause disharmony in the whole.  May God grant you the wisdom to perform your duty with courage and compassion.

Randall Butisingh


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