January 10, 2009

The environment is the chief priority

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It is all well and good to talk about the economy, but what good will it be if the environment is diminishing and the earth is in peril.  It is  Mother Earth which provides us with all our physical needs, and her protection must be our chief concern.   If you have a horse or any animal that is working for you, and you are sensible, you will surely take care of it and not brutalise it, so that it will give you long and useful service.

I am sure, by now, all thinking people know what is the effect of global warming on the planet, and the extent to which man, especially in the developed countries,  has helped to contribute to it.  It is time the leaders of the world meet and plan a strategy to arrest its degrading effect.  If not all will perish.

The frequency of the recent floods in different parts of the world should be alarming and a wake-up call to the nations.  The whole world must be alerted, for there is the probability that it can happen anywhere.  Changing climatic patterns and rapidly melting of ice at the poles can inundate all the low areas of the earth with dire consequences.   I am advising that all those who can, keep a boat, as there may not be everywhere a treetop on which to cling.

Next, we have already polluted  the drinking water by harmful chemical effluents.  Even the artesian well cannot produce pure water as before because of the pollution underground, and because of the enormous quantity used for industrial purposes, a shortage in the not too far future is envisaged.  Also the pumping out of enormous quantities of water and oil from the earth is another cause of the diminishing environment  by causing  more frequent landslides  which kill people and destroy property.  To prevent these from happening, recourse will now have to  be taken to safer means of providing fuel and electricity than drilling or mining.

Leaders, take note!  what is happening in one place is affecting other places, e.g.  The acid rain in Canada is caused by industrial activities in the U.S.A.   Also inorganic agricultural practices, like spraying the earth and the air with chemicals are taking its toll on other vegetation and insect life and endangering the food chain.  Bees which pollinate  flowers and produce honey are getting sick and diminishing, or unable to find their hives after leaving them,  and mining activities are  scaring  the earth’s surface and  polluting the rivers and the sea which are valuable sources of food supply.

Let’s hope that the New Administration that is promising Change will see the wisdom in giving priority to the rescuing of the environment from further degradation, and so set an example to the nations of the world.  Also let us all ask for the guidance of Him who created all things and to Whom all things belong.  TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS EXPECTED.

– Randall Butisingh


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