January 8, 2009


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Gladly will I give sixteen thousand days gone by, to spend one day with you.
Gladly will I forsake the laurels of Babylon, Greece, Egypt, or Rome, and be your slave.
To look into your eyes, to bury my head in your bosom
And be bewitched by your intoxicating fragrance perfected by the Gods.

No one could ever say that I was being deluded
For the Creator of our souls had one goal,
He split us up at birth and gave us free will
For re-uniting our souls, and complete his work of perfection.

His work is not in earthly schemes
But in a Cosmic Play that never ends
He watches, and knows every movement, even before our births,
And yet never tells what to do, but leaves it in Free Will.

Patanjali Ramlall

January 7th, 2009.


Patanjali Ramlall was the brightest pupil at Lusingnan Government School. an elementary school, whose top grade was equivalent to the second grade in a secondary school.  After leaving school, his thirst for knowledge never quenched.  He read profusely even though his work called for more manual skill.  He has a fertile brain, a vivid imagination and a good memory.  His has a library with books from which he has gleaned topics from poetry to religion,  to science  and philosophy.  A grateful pupil, he has kept in touch with me all these years and has provided me, time and again,  with his lavish hospitality and access to his books.  He is a great story teller and soon you will read of his exciting adventures on my blog.

Randall Butisingh.


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