January 6, 2009

letter to my grandson, January 1994.

Posted in Education at 3:20 am by randallbutisingh


Dear  K,

i was happy to see you again after your first term in college.  You are growing up fine and will soon be as tall as your grandfather.  I am glad you are keeping up with your physical exercises, because you will have to be in good shape in order to cope with your demanding mental activity.

I trust you have settled down to your studies, bearing in mind the goal you have envisioned – that of completing your course in medicine.  To achieve your goal, it will behoove you to make the best use of your time, your energy and your youth.  This does not mean that you must not make time for wholesome recreation as “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” . You will need enough exercise to keep the body fit.  ” Mens sana in corpore sano” is a wise Latin saying which means  “a sound mind in a sound body”.  You will also need to have enough rest, about eight hours every day, so that the body and the mind will be refreshed and you will be better able to concentrate on your studies.  Always remember that Youth is the time to learn and time lost can never be regained.

In your course of studies, you will encounter problems which are difficult, but that is what studying is all about.  You will have  to be able to overcome any difficulty with concentration, sustained effort and a will to overcome.   Everytime you succeed in overcoming a difficulty makes you stronger and better able to face future challenges.  Give a little time and effort  in an area or areas where you consider youself weak, but try to keep a steady pace in all the others so that you can maintain good grades in them at all times.

Remember too that a good beginning invariably has a good ending providing you keep a steady course.  You need to prove to yourself, your tutors and your parents that you have made a right choice and that you have the potential for excellence in the field of your endeavour.

So much for now.  Will keep in touch and enjoy your every achievement.  Say hello to Irfan.




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