January 5, 2009

correspondence with a friend on her silver anniversary

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Dear  P,  Namaste!

Thanks for the beautiful picture.  I want to tell you that I appreciaate your having me at one of the most significant milestones of your life, your 25th Wedding Anniversary.  Your mother as usual did a great job as usual in conducting the Havan ceremony, and your guests were delightful. It also delighted me to see how women are playing a significant role in society today.  I know, if given the support, they will do even a better job than the men.

Looking at you two that evening, it would seem to me that the flame of romantic love was still burning; you both looked so young;  but romantic love is a transitory phenomenon.  When the fire has extinguished, marriage begins to fall apart.  This is why in Western society there are so many infidelities and divorces.  If when the glamour has faded, there is not true love to sustain it, then, if for some reason the marriage survives, there will be conflicts and unhappiness in the union.

If there is true love, then the couple will be able to weather the storm, their love will sustain them to the end.  And when the time comes for one of them to leave this perishable body, there will be no cause for grief;  grief and sorrow come from attachment to that which is gross, as love never dies;  it is stronger than death;  it will remain to sustain and inspire.

May you live the remaining days of your life in health of body, peace of mind and trust in the Divine which is within you always.



Dear Mahashri,

Thanks so much for your lovely, kind message.  I do appreciate your coming and bringing the lovely gift.  I am already using it.  You are really a treasure in my life and I wish I had more time to run over and check on you.  I have to get some things off my schedule and will have to make some time when I get back from Toronto.

Namaste with love



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