January 4, 2009

The crisis in the Middle East

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The Israelis  are continuing their ruthless  assault against the Palestinians in the  narrow strip they have allotted to them after wresting  most of their country,  killing civilians, women and children included, also destroying dwelling places and even places of worship while America, England and the developed countries of the world sit with their arms folded witnessing the carnage.

The Israelis have shown scant regard for world opinion.   They pursue their assault with  great vindictiveness    Wherever they  attack, they try to destroy everything, as can be seen in the almost  total destruction of the infrastructure  of that beautiful country Lebanon.

These are the people who are allies of America, a Christian country from whom they receive forty percent of American taxpayer’s  money as aid that go to other countries, so that they could build nuclear weapons and live comfortably while her own people are starving with a meagre minimum wage and unemployment.  

If this slaughter is allowed to continue, America and England will have to share the blame..  It should never be forgotten that in their early history of the diaspora, the Jews lived peacefully with their  first cousins, the Arabs.   The prophet Mohamed welcomed them with open arms as people of the Book.

We are waiting now to see how the new administration will deal with this problem which is the root cause of all the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians,  and the chief cause of terrorism which has spread world wide.causing so much anxiety and fear.  Failure to resolve it in a just manner will never end the devastating conflicts.


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