December 29, 2008


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 “Life is not a burden when you feel confident and self-sufficient. With the direct experience of your inner power to create miracles, you will find a reservoir of inner strength. As you use this strength, your power to create practical miracles will increase. If we are confident and life presents us with big problems, they are no longer huge burdens. Instead, big problems become big challenges that pull forth of your greatness.

 When a problem causes us to feel burdened or causes us to close our hearts, it is a signal that we have disconnected from our true power. It is a signal on reconnecting to our inner power before trying to make changes in the outer world. It is a time to focus on forgiving and letting go, so that you can come into present time and make the best of a situation. When we are connected in a present time to our true selves, then we always feel some peace, joy, confidence or love. These positive feelings always will begin to come up when we let go of the past and focus on what we can do now to create a better future. When we come back to ourselves in present time by letting go of past pain, we begin to experience increasing degrees of the peace, joy, confidence and love that are always in our hearts.

 When life becomes an emotional disturbance and we are unable to move swiftly through our feelings and release our pain, it is a sign to forget about the problem at hand temporarily and solve the most important problem. We must first remove the block within ourselves and re-experience our power to generate an authentic, positive attitude that reflects our true self and power. Most of the time, when we experience emotional distress, we have just temporarily forgotten that we have the power to grow from any circumstance.”

 — John Gray – “How to Live for Change and Change for Life” (2000), pg.95-96.


Comment from Cyril Bryan:

We are living in a world of increasingly rapid change. This rate of change has sped up over the last 50 years and is accelerating. Change can be a constructive force but accelerated change without “understanding” can leave one battered or badly wounded. The future seems to portend even faster change in the future so we have to deal with this reality.

The current world financial crisis could be long, disruptive and life changing for many. It could also usher in even greater change as the world adjusts to the environmental and energy and food shortages that are sure to envelop some countries in a deflationary economic environment. As we enter 2009 the future does not look bright. However, personally, we have to adopt a positive mental attitude in order to chart our way through the stormy seas ahead.

 Our “emotional intelligence”, in most cases, cannot handle the speedup and dysfunctional aspects of life in the 21st century… so what can we do? Drop out and go back to nature? Go to a far away island and live with the “natives”. Many are doing just that and finding out that even the least developed countries are affected by events in our integrated world that is inter-connected and increasingly globalized. Therefore all of us have to deal with the daily grind of living with uncertainty which leaves us hardly any time for the introspection that could give us some relief.

 Having a detached attitude towards the stressful situations we have to deal with is paramount. Thinking positively also has to become a way of life, so that our inner powers can operate optimally to help us in our daily lives. Meditation, yoga, and similar practices can help. Even self help breathing exercises and developing the ability to cast off “baggage” and negative thoughts will help towards the path of true self awareness and inner growth.

 Many people today are working towards a medical drug-free solution to stress alleviation. They are also looking at revising their priorities in life so that unimportant issues are not added to their growing “stress list”. Being overwhelmed by outside forces means that you become “other directed” rather than “inner directed”, so decide what is on your stress list and deal with that list with positive thoughts and actions. Maybe then life would not be a burden but a daily experience of living with change that you can deal with through your selective attitude as to what is most important to you…. Your inner peace!

 – Cyril Bryan


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