December 26, 2008

Sri Vasudeva’s Christmas Message

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Sri Vasudeva’s Christmas Morning Meditation and Talk – Blue Star Trinidad and Tobago – Thursday December 25, 2008.

Namaskar Everyone,

On this beautiful Christmas morning, all gathered for the beautiful singing of Shree Guru Gita. Guruji lovingly welcomed all as he said,

“Namaskar everyone, welcome to our Guru Gita on Christmas morning and those of you who are joining us across the world through the web, we want to warmly welcome you. We are dedicating our Guru Gita this morning to the birth of Jesus Christ, a spiritual advent in the human experience. Jesus was born beyond 2000 years ago, a beautiful soul who has influenced lives across the world.

Guru Gita is a scripture that is dedicated to the Guru Consciousness. The word Guru, Gu and ru, ‘Gu’ stands for darkness and ‘ru’ for light. So, Guru is the light that drives away the darkness. It is that principle in the Universe of light that illuminates the human intellect/consciousness, leading us to that part of the Divine.

The Shree Guru Gita in its original form is over 300 verses but 108 is said to be a sacred number so we have selected 108 verses that we are going to sing this morning. The Guru Gita is in the language of Sanskrit and it is a hymn that came from India in the scripture called the Skandapuraan, it is offered to those who are manifesting the Guru’s consciousness in our world and the Christ manifested that consciousness in his influence over the world. His influence is a world influence and the advent of Jesus is said to be  the advent of an Avatar Purusha which is a world teacher, someone who has come to transform the entire world.”

Guruji led all in the beautiful singing of ‘Om Shri Yesu Bagawate Namah’. This was followed by the beautiful chanting of the Shree Guru Gita. Guruji then led all in going within in meditation as he said,


“It is Christmas morning 2008. In our meditation this morning we honour the birth of the Christ Consciousness into the world. Let us come into a physical posture for meditation. Shoulders back and relax; head facing forward and neck relax and let us come into an inner posture becoming fully aware in the presence moment, holding presence moment awareness and centering in a place inside, a place of peace where the mind is quiet and receptive, where the heart is open, loving and compassionate.

Let us imagine the birth of a divine being coming into the world. This birth is a sacrifice; to come into limitation is a sacrifice. Let us imagine the Christ Consciousness coming into the mortal, human world in the form of Jesus. What a joy in the heavenly realm that a soul is coming into the world to bring light, a soul that knows the sacrifice it is going to make but out of unselfish love, it assumes a human form. Let us for a moment honour that selfless love. Open our heart to appreciate this beautiful light that came into our world and made such a huge difference in bringing peace and love into our world. ‘Om Namo Bhagawate, Om Shri Yesu Namah’, we honour You oh Divine One called Jesus, the Christ.

Let us remember that sacred heart that was so full of love, a chakra that was so powerful that it inspired love in the hearts of all. Let us come into our own heart space, Anahat Chakra in the chest and as you think of the Christ love, as we think of that powerful force of light, let us inspire love into our own hearts. Let our heart Chakra become awaken, let us identify with the Christ love, the love of Christ is within me. I open my heart that the Christ love within me may flow in and through me on this beautiful morning.

Let us open our mind to think of all those people around our world today who will be honouring this birth and the love they will be expressing. Let us connect to that. May the Christ spirit, pure being of love, fill our world and may the dreams Jesus expressed for humanity, be expressed. May the peace and love that he brought be awakened within us and be manifested. Let us hold Christ Consciousness within us, let us hold that sacred form within us, let us embrace the qualities of the Christ Consciousness in our meditation, let us think of people across the world and join in that beautiful spirit and let us chant the beautiful mantra silently in our minds honouring that divine birth ‘Om Shri Yesu Bhagawate Namah’, I bow to the Divine that assumes the form of Jesus. Let us say it honouring that Consciousness and let us say it that our world will embrace that Consciousness.”

Sri Vasudeva’s Christmas Message

“How beautiful it is to honour the Christ Consciousness. So many Christians and others are honouring this Divine birth. For me it is an extreme joy to know that such a being existed in our world and touches so many lives so many years ago, it is a joy.

When great souls come into the world, it is a rare occasion; it is not the ordinary event. They come into the world because of a need, so many hearts are crying and they are drawn into flesh. When they come from their Divine place of being, these pure souls are from the highest realms who stay in form just to help the world. They are said to be the souls of the causal realm, the highest realm, the purest soul. From their beautiful oneness of the Divine, they enter into the limitation of flesh to have the human experience only as a sacrifice, to help others and the pain they endure to do so. Such acts of selfless love always touch my heart.

To think one who is so pure and so beautiful walked in the flesh and amongst the people? When they come from the highest, they are most humble, they recognise the God in all, there is no distinction in them, and they treat us all with great love and humility. The greatest are humble. You can imagine how Jesus would have been in his pure love for those who were sick, in pain, suffering and who had all kinds of misery, what kind of compassion he would have shown. In trying to rid the evil of the times those who were trying to control everybody, what he would have had to endure. So, that always brings out a lot of love and compassion and honour for those great souls.

In every tradition they are born, they come in troubled times, so they all suffer, whether it is Buddha, Mohammed or all the great souls who came to bring a message, how they would have suffered.

Today, as we honour the Christ Consciousness, let Christmas be different. In honouring the Christ Consciousness, we do so by thought, by emotion and by action. It is not just saying ‘I love Jesus’ or ‘Jesus was a great person’ or ‘I love the Bible’ or ‘I love the stories’, it is what those stories are doing for us. If we love the Christ, if we love his stories, if we love his way, what are these things doing to us? How is it transforming us? Only when that initiation takes place inside, when we begin to embrace the teachings in thought, word and deed then we are honouring.

It is always amusing for me to see how people pray in their act of honouring and then in truth and in deed, you see differently. What a world! What a world! As a young man this always amuses and confuses me. How people can say one thing and do another? How could they be sitting in the churches, mosque and mandirs and when they go outside, they are different. I could not be like that. I did not want to be like that. I believe that our actions should be consistent with our deepest thinking. In that way we are taking responsibility, in that way we are honouring.

On Christmas Day if we really honour the Christ, we will be like the Christ. His words to us were “Be perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect.” This is a statement that we in the yogic tradition know; that the Divine is in us and we exist in the Divine. The joy of uniting our consciousness with the Divine is the supreme experience in yoga, we called it ‘Samadhi’, that is “Be perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

What is interesting of the life of Jesus which I find to be intriguing is how he showed human qualities. Divine beings need not show human qualities, they can stay aloof, appear very pure and untouchable. But, Jesus assumed human qualities while at the same time he was assuming divine qualities of the highest order. In the Bible, it says “Jesus wept”, “Jesus cursed the fig tree”, “Jesus cried in the garden of Gethsemane”, “Take this cup away from me” and on the cross he said, “Father, why has Thou forsaken me?” Such human qualities but in the same time we see another being, “I and my Father are one”. We saw a fearless person that could withstand any kind of pain. Just imagine the beating he got and the ultimate act on the cross of sacrifice. Can you imagine the pain?

Though Jesus embraced humanity to show us that divinity can be in flesh and that divinity can experience the pain, he showed us mortality but at the same time, he showed us an immortal being who is fearless. ‘Destroy this body and in three days it will rise’, he showed immortality.

Is that a lesson for all of us? As we carry the burden of human existence, we exist in a divine space that is untouchable. And we should appreciate the human experience for what it is, don’t curse it but we should strive for the highest experience so that we can carry the human experience. The divine beings carry the human experience. That is what I love in the Jesus story, he showed humanity but he also showed divinity. It is a lesson for all of us to carry our humanity in our divinity.

No matter what Jesus did humanly, at no time he showed that he was limited. He showed us the human experience but he showed us that he could carry the human experience and at the same time he showed us his unlimited being; that what makes this being so precious to me.

What I would like to remember most of the Christ is the Christ Love, how to love in a completely different way. He showed us how to forgive. He showed us how to respect. You saw his forgiveness to the woman who came to him and who everyone was throwing stones at and deemed a her prostitute and Jesus said “No, go and sin no more”; absolute forgiveness. When they thought they would catch him, having him defy the authorities, he never defied the authorities, he respected the law of the land, someone asked him “Master should we pay taxes?” Jesus said “Look at the coin and whose face do you see?” They said “Caesar’s face”, Jesus said, “Render to Caesar what is Caesar…” When they came to him, what did he do? He never resisted. When Pontius Pilate, the Governor said to him, “Don’t you know I have the power to crucify or to free you?” In all Jesus’s wisdom he said to Pilate, “You would not have that power if the Lord above did not give it to you.” Such wisdom, how could you not love a being like that, how could you not just listen to his words.

When they asked him, “Master what are the commandments you will give us to live by?” Jesus said to them “To love God with your whole heart, whole mind and your whole soul.” He thought us how to love, to love with our whole being, and be completely committed. Knowing us how we are, Jesus said, “I will give you another commandment. Love your neighbour as you love yourself.” Love your neighbour. Do we really love our neighbour? That is the Christ love. That is the love I love. That is the love I embrace. That is the love that I gave.

This spirit of the Christ is very dear to me. On this Christmas morning just to think such a being came into the world, lived amongst us and left such a story, such a brilliant heart warming story of sacrifice, how can we not remember him? How can we not celebrate his birth in the world that has transformed so many lives?

On the radio I was saying that Christmas should be everyday, it should be the birth of the Christ Consciousness in us. Everyday that we wake up we should be born once again in the Christ love, in the Christ awareness, “I and my Father are One”, that should be born in us everyday.

I hope today you will embrace that consciousness of the Christ and your day will be different. I hope the Christ will be born in you everyday. We may also call it Krishna Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness or God Consciousness, it is all One. May we embrace that Consciousness everyday.”

Guruji led all in the beautiful Lord’s Prayer, “Our Father…”. Anandiji then wish all a blessed Christmas as she sang Feliz Navidad.

Guruji closed by saying,

“We want to wish you today a safe day wherever you go, we hope you will continue to be inspired by the message of this morning and that there will be a special joy in your heart as you think of Christmas, the birth of the Christ and the Christ Consciousness.

From Blue Star Trinidad and Tobago we extend to you a blessed Christmas and may the joy of Christmas and the Christ Consciousness be with you and your loved ones wherever you are. Thank you for sharing this occasion with us, it has been a great joy and we look forward to being with you again on New Year’s Eve when we will be transmitting live across the world and we will be ushering the New Year in the spirit of love, peace and harmony. God bless you everyone. Namaskar.”


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  1. randallbutisingh said,

    Thank you Guriji for that comprehensive talk on Christmas which celebrates the birth anniversary of the Greatest Man that ever lived. It is amazing how Hindus can more fully grasp the concept of Avatar and Christ consciousness which Christians, save the mystics, seem not to grasp. Christians fail to see ‘Jesus as a way, but Christ as The Way’. Even his disciples, while He was alive, saw only Jesus, the man. They could not perceive with the inner vision, the Christ.

    Christians, with their narrow concept cannot understand that the Christ consciousness which was with Jesus was in other incarnations before, which translates as “Christ, not Jesus, was here before”, and this makes their beliefs narrow and exclusive and the cause of conflict in religion. So, it is no wonder that enlightened Hindus too, celebrate Christmas because they have accepted Him as an avatar(incarnation) and have included Him in theiR pantheon of gods and godesses that preside in their daily lives.

    All mankind is one, saint and sinner; alike and equal in their quest to realise that state of Christ consciousness which is within and before the beginning.

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