December 24, 2008


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Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008
Subject: Your blog is an inspiration

My dear friend,

I was really awarded with finding your post on this huge net. You have such an idea that I wondered for a second whether or not I would recognize your name from some of the great thinkers of the ages. I am sure you deserve this and much more. We see today, as you so wisely pointed out, the degradation of generations that we have come to today and this new point of crisis.

The word “crisis” in the Chinese language also means opportunity. We are on the edge of a new age where we will realize our close connection to each one. I feel it an honor to write to the wisest of our time and I feel it my responsibility to send you this link to our YOUMANKIND video.

We are ones that have much responsibly in this age to shape our future. We have reached a crossroad and we have a choice to make, us all of humanity.

I am just one of a few friends that have spent some time to make a video – YOUMANKIND – to express this and we want to reach out to this world with it to understand the importance of realizing how we are interconnected and we have to realize this.

All the best

Anna Gusev



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