December 22, 2008


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Thought for Today:


Life is an adventure in Friendship.  Every person we meet we must make him a friend.  There are no strangers.  There are only friends in the making.

J.P. Vaswani

A comment:

What a beautiful thought!  Is it not the same as what our Lord said, ” Love your neighbour as you love yourself.  Do good to them that hate you>”  This is also the way as one of our wisest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, puts it, “Are we not destroying our enemies when we make them our friends?”  Let us trust that not only individuals but Nations will see the truth in this, and instead of building weapons to destroy their enemies, will choose the wiser direction of building Bridges of Friendship.

America now has a New Leader who is seeking a change in direction, and a people who are willing to follow and to trust his vision.  He also has the admiration of the world.  Let us see how he will move into the hearts of all men, and so bring Friendship among the Nations of the world.

Randall Butisingh


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