December 20, 2008

Appreciation and Gratitude…

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Appreciation and Gratitude to Cyril Bryan:

Thanks to Cyril Bryan for standing in for me while I was away for the last week.  I have asked him to continue until with articles for another week or so.

I am sure the articles he has and will post in the  future, which are of historical value will go down well with the emigrants of the Guyana diaspora.  We, however, recommend them to all our viewers as we are all one in the quest of a better life for all.  Knowing of the struggles of our brothers and sisters in other parts of this planet which has now got so easy of access, will help us to a better understanding of the role we all have to play to make this world a better place for all mankind.

We are all one in humanity and with the cosmos, and until all are free, no one can be free..

Guyana was once the most salubrious, safe and productive of the Caribbean countries until its glory became dimmed by inept and self seeking leaders.  Once there was harmony among the races, but politics has driven wedges among us and we are now a nation divided.  The time has now come for a new type of leadership where there will be honesty, integrity, commitment and dedicated service. Not until Unity is established will there be freedom from fear and  frustration; and there will be an unwillingness to cooperate; so the slogan “One people, One nation and One destiny” has no meaning whatsoever.

– Randall Butisingh


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