December 16, 2008

My appreciation of your Weblog..

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My Dear Friend Randall,

I am sorry that I missed your birthday but as the popular saying goes, ” It is better late than never”. I am very impressed with your ability to remember names, events and the particulars of incidents which have taken place in Guiana many years ago. It speaks very highly of you to maintain The RANDALL  BUTISINGH’S WEBLOG  with such competence and experience .

I hope that you will continue to maintain it for  as long as you feel that it serves a good venue for the many people who take time off to reach you on your Blog. Far more important , it is the platform where many writers, authors, teachers and others take time off to express their views. Please accept  my congratulations for facilitating so many people the opportunity of expressing their views and for keeping in touch with you.

With my Best, Wishes,

Sincerely Yours,

A. Shakoor Manraj. Q.C.   Barrister/Attorney-at-Law.



Shakoor Manraj, born in British Guiana is a brilliant attorney.  He was a Queen’s College graduate with a Matriculation Certificate before he left to pursue further studies in th USA, England and Canada. He completed his Honour Exam in English and English Literature from Oxford and his LLB in London.  He was called to the bar at the Honour Society of Middle Temple Law School on Feb. 5, 1954.  On Dec. 31, 1969, he was appointed Q.C. by H.M. the Queen.  He has completed 50 years at the bar with 330 murder trials with no convictions.

He has previously written four Law Books, but the 5th “IN PURSUIT OF JUSTICE” was published in 2005.  In this book, he has recorded his memoirs, his constant vigil to protect the rights of all.  This BOOK is not a text book on the law.  It was written to provide readers  with a srraightforward and unpretentious account of his experiences in the courtroom.  The aim of his criminal defence was to show that Justice must not only be done, but must be seen to be done.

Dr. Paul D. Haynes, another brilliant Guyanese, Mathematician and Consultant to U.S. and Canadian Peacekeeping Forces and Remote Sensing has this to say about Mr Manraj’s Book:

I sincerely recommend the Book to the entire reading public, including all professionals.  It is a well written and engrossing on the attainment of Justice with all the inclusive ingredients of humour, courtroom dramas and the role of the experienced counsel in our Criminal Justice System.

I have read the Book and found it very interesting, entertaining and informative and I recommend it highly to all readers.

The address of the author is:

1021 SW 100 Terrace

Pembroke Pines

Florida 33025, U.S.A.

Price $25.00 US  inclusive of packing and posting.



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