December 15, 2008


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By: Joseph Chin

Looking at the world, and the many things that are happening, we fight for the rights of other species that are becoming endangered, or extinct, are we really fighting for them, or are we fighting for humanity? Why are we even fighting? All other species on this planet are in danger of becoming extinct, and due to this major shift, and movement in energies, is guiding us to become more aware that we are taking up more space on this planet, but at the detriment to the things that are around us. Making more space for humanity to live, is reducing the amount of space that nature has, in so doing, reducing the amount of sufficient nutrients that nature can give us back in return.

All the people who are closer to higher frequency energies all say close to the same thing. There will be a shift in conscience, a shift so different that we are all going to be hugely affected by it. Is it coincidence? I can only think that the collective conscience that is out there is allowing many people to think that this will happen and believe. But what are we saying when we buy into this collective energies? Aren’t we saying that “Yes” it is going to happen, and we can’t do anything about it? Aren’t we accepting the thoughts of other people when we agree? Why don’t we all stop adding to this dream?

Granted that the majority of people around the globe do not take steps to make a concerned effort in shifting the balance back to neutral, and it will more than likely take a major happening to allow people to see that something needs to be done. But we all know that energy follows thoughts and that through energy we can have an effect of anything that is around, and within us, so why not allow that energy to flow through us? Thoughts of a wonderful living earth, thoughts of a place called heaven, filled with peace and love.

It’s not just about believing, but also it’s about feeling it right now, and fully knowing that it is real. Just like Eckhart Tolle from the book “A new Earth”, live in the now of the reality that is happening as we speak. It is the place where everything is formed and where we make all our choices, and build steps for our future – The NOW. Everything isn’t going to happen overnight, but if we can all just add a little into the collective conscience that we could be in no better a place than we are right now, then the whole conscience of the world has to follow. It does not have a choice. If the majority says that it is, and the majority are practicing what they are thinking, then only peace can come out of it.

We all think of everything that we can do to better ourselves, the “ME” syndrome. We say that we are trying to make things better for our children, and their future, but look around the world now. This was what was done for us, from the very beginning of time, and it has progressively raised a new generation that has no respect for their elders or the people around them. Because we have kept thinking of the “ME””MINE””I”, we have raised new generations that only want for themselves.

The energy that we put in over the general great eons, has become stronger with every new generation, and has led to a generation that deals solely with “ME”. Because of this, we are at a near collapse in the world on a whole, where every one is fighting for themselves, and trying to gain what they can. We are now seeing the folly in our ways, and trying to find answers to what to do now. More and more families are spent apart than ever before because of the “ME”. They are out there working more than ever trying to gain a better life, for themselves and their children, but at the detriment to their health, mental stability, and to the effective guidance, love, and affection that all children need while growing up.

If we are leaving our children out of our lives more and more every day, are we really doing something better for them? And how many years do we have to struggle with work to realize some happiness? We work until we are at the age of 65 or 70, then we retire to have the happiness that we have worked so hard for. Well that doesn’t leave a lot of “happy time” to do anything. If we are not in a “home” or we do not have cancer, arthritis, weak bladder, or remember who we are, much less the faces in front of us, then usually we all have very little real happiness to look forward to when we retire.

These are your choices in your life. What do you add to this collective conscience? What do you bring to the world table and say that you have added something of benefit to this earth, and to your child’s existence? We are at a time that we need to make an effort NOW, as you may not have a chance later, and we can all help to alleviate some of the things that are facing this world as we speak. The holidays always give us a time with our families, and I hope that during this time we can all look at the children around us and know that you are directly responsible for who they become. It is time to hold our responsibility for their future, if we don’t they once again the wheel turns, and another generation of “ME” has just been born.

What do we do? Well we love everything!! Yes the one thing that can overcome all is “LOVE”. Don’t worry about anger, arguing, shouting, cursing. What happened is already in the past. Love now, and love deeply, then you have no regrets in life. For this season just “LOVE”. Love the present situation, whatever it is, and know that it is there to learn from. Love the people that are around you, they are there as a test. Learn from them. Love your children, and any children that are around you. Know that they are your future.

— Joseph Chin – Guyana- December 11, 2008.


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